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Sector abcEducation And Research InstituteTender ValueN.A.
LocationHimachal Pradesh - India Ref.No47321039
Closing Date09 - Feb - 2022
Procurement of laboratory consumables - ampicillin10 mcg/disc, azithromycin15 mcg/disc, aztreonam 30 mcg/disc, ampicillin/sulbactam 10/10 mcg/disc, amoxyclav 20/10 mcg/disc, amikacin 30 mcg/disc, cefuroxime 30 mcg/disc, co-trimoxazole25 mcg/disc, cefexime5 mcg/disc, ceftazidime30 mcg/disc, cefaclor30 mcg/disc, cephalexin30 mcg/disc, ceftriaxone30 mcg/disc, ciprofloxacin5 mcg/disc, cefotaxime30 mcg/disc, cefoperazone75 mcg/disc, cefepime30 mcg/disc, cefoxitin30 mcg/disc, cefopodoxime10 mcg/disc, cefazoline30 mcg/disc, ceftazidime/clavulanic acid 30/10mcg/disc, clindamycin2 mcg/disc, chloramphenicol 30 mcg/disc, colistin(methane sulphonate) 10 mcg/disc, doripenem10 mcg/disc, doxycycline 30mcg/disc , erythromycin 15 mcg/disc, ertapenem10 mcg/disc, fosfomycin200 mcg/disc, gentamycin10 mcg/disc, gatifloxacin5mcg/disc , high level gentamycin 120mcg/disc, gemifloxacin 5 mcg/disc, imipenem10 mcg/disc, levofloxacin5 mcg/disc, linezolid 30 mcg/disc, meropenem10 mcg/disc, minocycline 30 mcg, moxifloxacin 5 mcg/disc, mupirocin 5 mcg/disc, nalidixic acid30 mcg/disc, netilimicin 30 mcg/disc, nitrofurantoin 300 mcg/disc, norfloxacin 10 mcg/disc, ofloxacin 5 mcg/disc, penicillin –g 10 units, piperacillin 100 mcg/disc, piperacillin/tazobactam 100/10 mcg/disc, polymyxin–b 300 units, rifampicin 5 mcg/disc, streptomycin 10mcg/disc, high level streptomycin 300mcg/disc, teicoplanin 30 mcg/disc, ticarcillin / clavulanic 75/10mcg, tetracycline 30 mcg/disc, tigecycline 15 mcg/disc, tobramycin 10 mcg/disc, vancomycin 30 mcg/disc, vancomycin e-strips 0.16-256 g/ml, bacitracin10 units/ disc, bile esculin, lead acetate paper strips 70mmx 5mm, novobiocin 5 micro g/disc, onpg , optochin, v factor , x factor , e coli atcc 25922, staphylococcus aureus atcc 27853, staphylococcus aureus nctc 1803, pseudomonas aeruginosa atcc 27853, enterococcus faecalis atcc 29212, beta streptococcal latex kit group a,b,c,d,f & g, menningitis latex agglutination kit, h.influenzae type b, streptococcus influenza , eschrechiae coli k1, group b streptococcus, n.menningitidis group a,b,c,y and w135, pregnancy test kit for beta sub unit hcg, chlamydia trachomatis latex test, plasma rabbit, defibrinated blood sheep, salmonella antisera poly o, salmonella antisera o2, salmonella antisera o4, salmonella antisera o9, vibrio antisera 1, vibrio antisera 139, vibrio antisera ogawa, vibrio antisera inaba, shigella antisera polyvalent, shigelladysenteriae a, shigellaflexneri b, shigellasonnei d, shigellaboydii c, escherichia coli entero-invasive 28ac, escherichia coli entero-invasive 112ac, escherichia coli entero-invasive 124, escherichia coli verocytotoxin producing157, bird seed agar powder , corn meal agar with dextrose powder, corn meal agar with dextrose powder, 2% malt extract agar base powder, potato dextrose agar 2% powder, corn meal agar powder, sabouraud chloramphenicol agar powder, sabouraud cycloheximide agar powder, tween 80 powder, yeast agar base powder, yeast nitrogen agar base powder, candida differential chrome agar base powder, muller hinton agar powder, sabouraud dextrose agar powder, glucose powder , maltose powder , sucrose powder , lactose powder , cellobiose powder , galactose powder , trehalose powder , raffinos powder , meliobiose powder , xylose powder , inositol powder , dulcitol powder , adonitol powder , d-arabinose powder , dextrose powder , fructose powder , mannitol powder , sorbitol powder , mannose powder , salicine powder , amphotericin b 0.002-32mcg/ml , itraconazole 0.002-32mcg/ml , ketoconazole 0.002-32mcg/ml , fluconazole 0.016-256mcg/ml, voriconazole 0.002-32mcg/ml , scrub typhus elisa kit igg 96 test, scrub typhus elisa kit igm 96 test, hepatitis a virus igm elisa kit 96 test, hepatitis e virus igm elisa kit 96 test, hepatitis c igg avidity elisa kit 96 test, hepatitis b igm elisa kit 96 test, hepatitis d virus igm elisa kit 96 test, igm elisa for leptospirosis 96 test, igm elisa for brucellosis 96 test, toxopasmosis igg elisa 96 test, toxoplasmosis igm elisa 96 test, dengue igm elisa 96 test, chikungunya igm elisa 96 test, hepatitis be ag elisa 96 test, hepatitis be ab elisa 96 test, je virus igm elisa 96 test, je virus igg elisa 96 test, varicella zoster igm elisa 96 test, ebv igm elisa 96 test, measeles igm elisa 96 test, mumps igm elisa 96 test, rubella igm elisa 96 test, hsv- i igm elisa 96 test, hsv-ii 96 test, cmv igm elisa 96 test, dengue ns1 elisa 96 test, parvovirus b-19 igm elisa 96 test, west nile igm elisa 96 test, west nile igg elisa 96 test, human adenovirusigg elisa 96 test, rota virus group specific ag elis 96 test, human adeno virus igm elisa 96 test, covid-19 igm elisa 96 test , giemsa stain methylene blue, eosin & azure b, absorbent cotton swab sterile swab, cover slips no. 1 22mm×22mmx (0.13-0.16mm), liquid soap detergent, marking pencil diamond, carborundum dental discs 22x0.3mm, crystal violet powder, ammonium oxalate powder, sodium bicarbonate powder, safranine powder, basic fuchsin
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