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Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender ValueINR 20 Lakhs
LocationRajasthan - India Ref.No50466526
Closing Date29 - Jun - 2022
Supply of medicine/surgical/surture amino acid 10% injection 100ml size, amiodarone hydrochloride inj 50 mg/ml, amphotericin b inj ip 50 mg, ampicillin cap ip 500mg, an seal ethicon laproscopic, ano scope, antacid tablets.formula,each chewable tablet contains magnesium trisilicate 250 mg, dried aluminium hydroxide gel 120 mg, peppermint oil, anti inhibitor coagulation complex (human plasma protein with a factor viii inhibitor bypassing activity of 500 i.u. per vial), artemether and leumefantrine tablet (40 mg and 240 mg), asepto syringe with transparent bulb sterile, 60 ml, aspirin delayed release tablet / aspirin gastroresistant tab ip (each enteric coated tablet contains acetyl salicylic acid 75 mg), aspirin tablet ip (gastro-resistant) 150 mg, atropine eye ointment ip 1%, atropine sulphate ophthalmic solution usp 1%, aztreonam injection 1gm, b.b silk suture (3/8 cir rb needle 16mm, length 76 cm size 5/0 (details in rc), b.b silk suture (3/8 cir rb needle 20mm, length 76 cm size 4/0 (details in rc), bendamustine injection 100 mg, benzathine benzylpenicillin inj ip 12 lac units, benzathine benzylpenicillin inj ip 6 lac units, betamethasone lotion ip 0.05 o/o, betaxolol eye drops 0.5 o/o, bevacizumab injection 100 mg, bevacizumab injection 400 mg, biphasic isophane insulin inj ip (30 % soluble insulin and 70 % isophane insulin) inj. 40 iu/ml(r-dna origin), black disinfectant fluid (phenyl) as per schedule o grade iii, bleomycin injection ip 15mg (bleomycin sulphate injection 15 units), blood administration set blood transfusion set (details in rc), bonding agent, bone cement, bone wax sterilised, bortezomib injection 2mg, brimonidine tartrate & timolol maleate eye drops 0.15% + 0.5%, bromocriptine tablets ip 2.5 mg, budesonide powder for inhalation 200 mcg, butorphanol tartrate injection usp 1mg/ml 1ml size, caffeine citrate usp injection 20mg/ml (equivalent to 10 mg caffeine base/ml) 3ml size, cap. isotrtinoin 20mg, carbamazepine oral suspension usp 100 mg/5ml, carboplatin injection ip 150 mg, carboplatin injection ip 450 mg, carboxymethylcellulose eye drops ip 0.5%, cephalexin tablets 125 mg (dispersible tablets), cetrimide cream ip 15 gm, chemotherapy port & non-coring needles(pediatric) (detail in rc), chemotherapy port and non-coring needles(adult) (detail in rc), chlorambucil tab ip 5 mg, chloramphenicol 1% w/w eye ointment ip, 3gm size, chloramphenicol eye drops ip 0.5 0/0, chlordiazepoxide tablets ip 10mg, chlorhexidine gluconate solution 5% 250 ml, chloroquine phosphate inj ip 40 mg/ ml, chlorpromazine inj. ip 25mg/ml, chlorpromazine tablets ip 100 mg (coated tablet), chlorpromazine tablets ip 25 mg (sugar coated), chlorpromazine tablets ip 50 mg (coated tablets), cytarabine injection bp 500mg, dacarbazine injection 500 mg usp/ bp, dasatinib tab 100 mg, daunorubicin inj ip 20 mg, deferasirox tab 100 mg, deferasirox tab 500 mg, deferiprone cap 250 mg, deferiprone cap 500 mg, desferrioxamine injection ip 500 mg / vial (for i.m. inj and i.v s.c. infusion), desonide 0.05% cream, dexamethasone tablet ip 4 mg (each uncoated tablet contains dexamethasone ip 4 mg), diatrizoate meglumine & diatrizoate sodium inj usp 60% (iodine conc.= 292 mg/ml), diatrizoate meglumine and diat sod inj usp 76%w/v (iodine = 370 mg/ml), diazepam inj ip 10mg/2ml (1m/iv use), diazepam tab ip 5 mg, dicyclomine hydrochloride oral solution ip 10mg /5ml, dicyclomine inj ip 10 mg /ml, dicyclomine tab ip 10 mg, diethylcarbamazine tab ip 100 mg, digoxin inj ip 0.25 mg/ml, dinoprostone cream/ gel 0.5 mg dinoprostone in syringe, diphtheria antitoxin 10000 iu, domperidone oral drops 10mg/ ml (10ml), domperidone suspension ip 5mg/5ml, doxorubicin inj ip 50 mg/ 25 ml, dried factor viii fraction ip (iv use) 1000 iu/vial, dried factor viii fraction ip (iv use) 500 iu/vial, etchant , ethinyloestradiol tabs ip 50 mcg, etoposide inj ip 100 mg, eugenol based root oral sealer , eye drop 5%sodium chloride , eye drop moxifloxacilline+dyliprednate , eye drop moxifloxacilline+prednisone, eye drop moxifloxacin 0.5% w/v ophthalmic solution ip 5ml size, eye drop natamycin 5%, eye oint. cmc + glycerin, eye ointment 6%sodium chloride , eye ointment acyclovir 3%, eye ointment chloramphenicol+hydrocortisone, fenofibrate capsules/ tab ip 200 mg, fentanyl citrate injection 50mcg/ml, fentanyl citrate injection ip 2 ml, feracrylum 1% w/v sterile solution 100 ml, ferric carboxymaltose injection 50 mg/ml 10 ml size, fiber optic cable mieroscope, filgrastim injection ip (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) (sc/iv use) 300 mcg, fistalo prob coper, fluconazole eye drops 0.3%, fluorouracil inj ip 250 mg/ 5ml, flurbiprofen sodium ophthalmic solution ip 0.03 o/o w/v, fluticasone 0.05% cream, formula feed, framycetin sulphate cream 1 o/o 100 gm pack, framycetin sulphate cream 1 o/o 30gm pack, frusemide tab ip 40 mg, fusidic acid cream ip 2%, gadodiamide inj. 0.5mml/ml vial, ganciclovir sodium injection 500mg (lyophilized powder for reconstitution), gefitinib tablet ip
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