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Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender ValueINR 8 Lakhs
LocationRajasthan - India Ref.No56774048
Closing Date02 - Feb - 2023
Purchasing Of Metp Items .
* Medical And Surgical Equipments A-Scane, Allis Forcep, Almera, Ambu Bag, Anesthetic Face Mask, Artery Forcep, Autoclave , Bp Bulb, Bp Instruments Sphyogmomanometer, Bp Rubber Armlet, Brain Circuit, Battery For Ecg Machine, Bed Slide Curtain, Binoular Microscope, Biometer, Biosafety Cabinet, Blood Collection Monitor, Bob Cocks, Bone Holding Forcep, Bowel, Bucket, Blower Room Warmer, Bulb, Bulk Convertion Unit, Caloro Meter, Metal Catheter, Metal Catheter, Catract Set, Centrifuge Machine, Cercular Saw, Blade, Cheattles Forceps, Clamps, Clinical Thermometer, Computer With Printer, Scanner Connecting Tubes, Counting Chamber, D & C Set, Deep Freezer, Dental Hanger, Dental Instrument Set, Developing Tray, Diamond Id Commbs Equipments, Dilation Set, Dissecting Forcep, Donor Cough, Dressing Drum, Trolley, Drill Bit, Drill Machine, Dustbin, Ear Speculum, Ear Probe, Ear Syringe, Ecg Machine, Electric Sterilizer, Elements For Auto Clave, Sterilizer, Elisa Reader And Washer, Emergency Light, Emergency Resuation Kit, Endoscopy Forceps, Eso Phaguscope, Examination Table, Coah, Eye Vision Test Chart, Test Set, Fine Crocodile Forcep, Forcep, Foot Steps, Formaline Chamber, Gasket, Gastric Stomach Wash Tube, Gigli Saw, Gynaec Table, Half Moon Saw Plaster Cutter, Halozen Light, Hammer, Hanger For Xray Film, Head Mirror, Heat Warmer, Hemoglobin Meter, Mattress, Air Oven, Hot Water Bottle, Hub Cutter, High Chart, Iv Stand, Ice Bottle, Illuminator, Incubator, Infentometer, Instruments Sterilizer, Tray, Insulated Box, Intestinal Clamps, Insulation Cooktops, Jobson Probe, K Nail Extractor With Hook, K Wire, Kalis Pad, Keep Plastic, Kera Tometer, Kidney Tray, Knife Holder, Sickle, Labour Table, Lance, Laringoscope, Mirror, Lead Apron, Lead Box, Lead Protector Barrier, Lepro Catheter, Led Photo Threapy Machine, Puls Oxymeter Probe, Me Scissor, Makentosh Rubber Sit, Measuring Cylinder, Micro Pipettes, Microscope, Mosquito Forceps, Mouth Gauge, Mouth Handle, Mirror, Multi Channel Pipettes, Measurement Beaker, Multi Peremonitor Probe, Nasal Packing Forcep, Nasal Speculum, Nebulizer Machine, Mask, Needle Syringe Cutter, Needle Holder, Syringe Destroyer, Neonatal Stethoscope, Nitrous Oxide Cylinder, Neonatal Foot Operated Suction Machine, Digital Electronics Weight Machine, Ot Light, Shadow Bulb, Operating Microscope, Opthalmo Scope, Oxygen Cylinder, Trolley, Hood, Mask, Regulator, Stand, Pm Kit, Packing Forcep, Palm Lock Tourney Quate, Patient Trolley, Pead Circuit, Palm Lock, Patient Trolley, Peri Condurium Elevator, Placetal Forcep, Plaster Cutting Machine, Plastic Apron, Post Nasal Mirror, Pourch Light, Power Drill With Battery, Proctoscope, Protection Barrier, Pulse Oxymeter, Quinsy Forcep, Refrigerator, Re breathing Bags, Right Angle Forceps, Rubber Armlet, Room Thermometer, Ssg Handle, Scissor, Sinus Forcpes, Slit Lamp, Keretometer, Smith Pettroson Osteotone, Sponge Forcep, Holding Forcpe, Spot Light, Step Stitched Removing Forcep, Sterlizer Elements, Stethoscope, Stitching Needle, Stool, Stretcher, Suction Machine, Tip, Surgical Scissors, Operating Microscope, Tongue Depressor, Holding Forceps, Tooth Extraction Forceps, Tray With Cover, Trial Set, Tubectomy Set, Tunning Fork, Twisser, Umbrical Clamp, Urine Pot, Vaginal Speculum, Valsellium Forcep, Vasactomy Set, Wash Basin Stand, Water Bath, Wax Hook, Weighing Machine, Wheel Chair, Warmer Bed, Xray View Box, Fridge, Bully Eye Lamp, Ent Proe, Cctv Camer, Corbide Burs, Electric Plaster Cutter Machine Forgining Machine, Oxygen Babi Hand, Doppaler, Ent Microscope, Blood Collection Monitor, Binocular Microscope, Drill Machine, K Wire, Plier, Tbw Tensolner, Circlage Wire, Ssg Handle, Forceps Set, Internlocking Nail, Narrow Dep Tep Set, Humerus Nails, Proximal Hymerus Plate, Proximal Set, Distal Radius Plate Set, Square Nail Set, Long K Wire, Cc Screw Set, Jess Fixature, Ilizarove Ring Fixator, External Fixator, Pfn Set, Dhs Set, General Instrument Set, Neebler Bone Holding Forcep, Bone Cutter, Esteotomes, Hammer, Gigley, Shaw Wires, Plaster Cutting Shaw, Stapler And Stapler Removal, Acudrappe, Plastic Drape, Pneumatic Tourniquet, Antibiotic Tibia And Femur Nail, Plate And Nail Removal Set.
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