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Product Detail : Supply & testing, of different machineries, tools and equipment of additive manufacturing technician(3d printing) trade courses (c) under strive project at iti gariahat - mini drafter, tweezers, gloves, goggles, scrapers, steel rule graduated both in metric and english unit, try square-10 cm blade, caliper inside spring type-15 cm, caliper outside spring type-15 cm, divider spring type-15 cm, draughtsman drawing instrument box containing compasses with pencil point, point driver, interchangeable, divider pen point interchangeable, divider spring bow pen, spring bow lengthening bar, pen drawing liner, screw driver instrument, tube with lead., set square celluloid-45° (250 x 1.5 mm), set square celluloid-30°-60° (250 x 1.5 mm), french-curves-set of 12 celluloid, "drawing board-700mm x500 mm is 1444, ", chest of drawer 8 drawers-standard, draughtsman table, draughtsman stool, desktop computer-cpu 32/64 bit i3/i5/i7 or latest processor, speed 3 ghz or higher. ram-4 gb ddr-iii or higher, wi-fi enabled. network card integrated gigabit ethernet, with usb mouse, usb keyboard and monitor (min. 17 inch. licensed operating system and antivirus compatible with trade related software, sever-true dedicated sever, software ms- office latest version, 3d cad with latest licensed version with swift technology, support minimum 24 data translators, should be directional associative, , should facilitate the additive manufacturing technician with latest trends in engineering costing which should be built in the 3d software, 3d software should have facility for scan to 3d operation, 3d software should support single window integration for design & topology optimization, should have facility to prepare “first article inspection reports” for qc process.-re-engineering techniques software should be provided, laser printer latest model-a3 size paper, ups - 5 kva for printing machine & computer, white board for using lcd projector (optional), instructor table, instructor chair, almirah steel, computer table, computer chairs, table for server, printers, lcd projector /ohp, external storage device (8 tb ), combination plier insulated-200 mm, screw driver insulated-4mm x 150 mm, diamond head, screw driver insulated-6mm x 150 mm , "electrician screw driver thin stem-4mm x 100 mm, insulated handle, ", heavy duty screw driver insulated-5mm x 200 mm, "electrician screw driver thin stem-4mm x 250 mm, insulated handle, , insulated handle, ", punch centre-9mm x 150 mm, knife double bladed electrician-100 mm, neon tester-500 v, hammer, cross peen with handle-250 grams, electrical symbol and accessories chart, pipe vice cast iron with hardened jaw open type-100 mm, hand vice-50 mm jaw, table vice-100 mm jaw, hacksaw frame (with blade)-adjustable 300 mm fixed 150 mm, file flat-200 mm 2nd cut with handle, file half round-200 mm 2nd cut with handle, file round-200 mm 2nd cut with handle, pliers long nose insulated-150 mm, pliers flat nose insulated-200 mm, pliers, round nose insulated-100 mm, d.e. metric spanner double ended-6 - 32 mm, gauge, wire imperial stainless steel marked in swg & mm-wire gauge - metric, portable electric drill machine-0-12 mm capacity 750w, 240v with chuck and key, digital venire caliper. (universal type)-0 - 150 mm, lc 0.05 mm, "screw thread micrometer with interchangeable. pitch anvils for, checking metric threads 60-0 - 25 mm lc 0.01 mm", height micrometer-200 mm, digital micrometer outside-0 - 100 mm l.c. 0.001 mm, digital vernier caliper-0 - 200 mm l.c. 0.01 mm (optional), pillar type drilling machine-sensitive 0-20 mm cap. with swivel table motorised with chuck & key, power supply-(0-30v dc, 3a), "sensor kit, i. mounting plate, ii. power distribution box (24v dc, 4a), iii. counter box (10-30v dc/0.05a), iv. indication box (24v dc), v. material box, vi. inductive sensor (10-30 v dc, pnp, no, 5mm (range)), vii. capacitive sensor (10-30 v dc, pnp, no, 2-8mm(range)), viii. magnetic sensor (10-60 v dc , pnp, no, 60mm (range)), ix. ultrasonic sensor (20-30 v dc, pnp, no, 80- 300mm(range)), x. connecting wires", "3d printer- with continuous filament fabrication(cff)-build volume -320mm x 132mm x 154mm with z resolution – 100 microns. software – cloud based slicing software like eiger/ cura or similar software for printing composite materials, ", "3d printer- fff (fused filament fabrication)-200x300x200 pla support, ", 3d printer- with direct light processing technology (dlp)–build volume – 100mm x 50mm x 150 mm or better with dynamic z resolution- 0.0001 inches -0.003 inches software – prefactory & magics light source – industrial uv led, scanner for reverse engineering-optical scanner tripod mounted with turn table and necessary accessories, accuracy up to 100 microns, software for reverse engineering-(integrated with cad ), -the scan data should be processed, automatic alignment, auto-region, segmenting, making sketches from the mesh data, prepare parametric 3d model from mesh data using solid modeling & surfacing tec
Document Sale To : 29-1-2021 at 0:30 Hrs
Tender Location : West Bengal - India
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Tender EMD : 120000
Tender Document Fees : 5000
Tender Closing Date : 29/01/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 1/02/2021 at 14:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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