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Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 44682993
Closing Date 12 - Jul - 2022  |  257 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of construction material, brick pavement, roddy, first class brick, sand, murrum, bajri, rod, cement, stationary, hand pump repair/rebore, interlock brick, hume pipe, cleaning kit, cement bench, wall painting, sanitizer, cart, street light, kayakalp, submersible, electric fitting etc for village panchayat chaurasi. #Hindi
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 46054369
Closing Date 22 - Nov - 2021  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of essential electrical, fire and chlorine safety equipment and also supply material which required for day to day maintenance and cleaning - emergengy boards / stickers, ring life buoy (make:fabtech/vritraz, life jacket, make:fabtech/vritraz, safety belt, make:safeyura/c-device/generic, safety boat for 10 people, make:generic/fabtech, rope 12 dia 200 meter nylon, make:welmax/python, fire extinguisher ball type make:afo/darit, asbestos hand gloves (heat proof) make:generic, vehicle battery charger 24v make:exide/luminious, body hook, make: generic, hydraulic jack 20 ton bottle type, make:stanley/atlas, crow bar, make:python/generic, manual jack tom with bar (heavy duty round) make:gizmo/generic, wd 40 spray, make:pidilite/rust-x, jumper cable 20 feet 4 guage, make :generic/shafire, car towing rope, make:generic/shafire, oygen cylinder b-type 4.5 litre 150 bar pressure, with oxygen mask , make:gvs /oxy99/choridas, grease gun, make: jcb/tata agrico, heavy duty tyre inflator 180 watt with, puncture toolkit make : ibell/tusa/ bergmann typhoon, layout map with exit point for water Supply, plant according to vvcmc ( , make: pratik patil, covid -19 rapid antigen test kit icmr approved, make: covifind/mylab coviself/panbio, surgical covid 19 mask, make: quarant/careview/covisafe n 95, portable fogging machine for insect control, and safety, make: samson/elmico/turner, scba with backpack arrangement and harness,, oxygen 300 bar pressure 6.8 litre cylinder, assembly, regulatory assembly and face piece, assembly & charcoal cemical mask 6003 medium half facepiece.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 46055631
Closing Date 17 - Nov - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of material (masks, gloves, sanitizer, ppe kit) for covid - 19
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 46053211
Closing Date 16 - Nov - 2021  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of lab reagents - diluent (mind ray), rinse (mind ray ), lyse mind ray, probe cleaner , e-z cleaner, esr disposable pipette, esr tube, edta tube, clot.activator tube, sodium flouride tubes, blood grouping sera (abd) , leishman's stain , giemsa's stain , diluent (medonic), rinse (medonic), bio rad haematology qc, microscopic slide, blood acuvate (lancent), filter paper (whatsman no1), tissue roll, multiparameter urine strip, protein/ glucose strip , acetone strip, ammonium sulphate (crystalline), sodium nitroprusside , liquor ammonia , sulphur powder , fouchet's reagent , 10% bacl2 solution, cover slip, urine container non sterile , sulpho salicylic acid , test tubes, blood glucose system pack (transasia), urea (transasia) , creatine (transasia), uric acid transasia, cholestrol (transasia) , triglyceride (transasia) , hdl(transasia) , bilirubin (total & direct) (transasia) , sgot (ast) (transasia) , sgpt (alt) (transasia) , alkaline phosphatase (alp) (transasia) , total protein (transasia) , albumin (transasia) , hba1c , dengue combo card, hbsag card, hcv card, vdrl card, lepto card, scrub card, chicken gunia card, aso latex, rhuematiod factor(ra test), crp latex, urine pregnancy card, butterfly needle, journiquet, yellow tips, blue tips, sample cup, bullet vial, screw capped vial, hypoclorite, daily cleaner na+ k+, reagent pack, 32% sodium citrate tuber for d.dimer test, d-dimer card, trop -i-card, xl autowash, autowash acid alkali, xl multical, calcium, phosphorus, water for injection , syringe, syringe, syringe, absorbant cotton, guaze bandage, needle, gloves, gloves, gloves, table cloth, paper weight, laboratory charge bill book, blood equisition form, blood report form, staining rack, fridge , induction cooker, micropipette (fixed), micropipette (fixed), micropipette (variable), sensacore electrolyte machine, blood mixer, vdrl rotator, printer (inktank, duplex, mono, network, 3yrs warranty), computer (i3,19.5", branded, 3 years onsite warranty, 1tb hdd, 4gb ddr4, 256 ssd desirable) for the use of th fort.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 8.74 Lakh approx.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 46037999
Closing Date 12 - Nov - 2021  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, delivery and fixing of doors, windows and ventilators in urban primary health center, kothapeta in ward no.50.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 45957355
Closing Date 10 - Nov - 2021  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of surgical items - soldering iron, sterilium, face mask, disposable latex gloves, rubber chappal, digital thermometer, sterile gloves, syringe, alcohol solution, walter purifier with uv+ro , 0.6 micron filter, autoclave 12 inch, water pump, floor mop with bucket auto squeeze, small vaccine carrier with 2 icepacks.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal Tenders Ref.No 45929616
Closing Date 09 - Nov - 2021  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of mask, hand wash, hypochlorofide, rubber gloves, sanitizer, bleaching powder, fogging machine, fogging pesticide (medicine of fogging machine). #Hindi
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 45966174
Closing Date 09 - Nov - 2021  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser stand
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 46010607
Closing Date 09 - Nov - 2021  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual rate contract for supply of department of sanitation at, various area of jamraval nagarpalika, (this work only up to rs. 3.00 lac limit). #*. Providing of acid, phenyl, triangle with handles, triangle handles, shovel handales, tagara, hand gloss, mask, sanitizer, iron shovel, iron khapari, small plastic bucket, big plastic bucket, cleaning row (recdi) tubes, broach, hand hammer, big crowbar, sledge hammer 5 kg with handle, bakadia.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.40 Million / 14 Lakh
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 45879953
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2021  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of electrical items - consil box with plate (plastic box with plate), hrc fuse link (square weekman type), hrc fuse link (square weekman type), gyser coil, hand dryer , hand dryer heating , electrical heater(15 kw), lv hrc fuse link, hrc fuse handle, heating element coil 9 kw, thermostate, top bottom fuse with link hrc, temperature sensor(pt 100), top bottom switch fuse, insectocutor, top bottom fuse, electric geyser(capacity-3 ltr.), top bottom fuse spare kit, electric geyser(capacity - 6 ltr.), top bottom fuse spare kit, fuse only, microwave, fuse, battery charger with fuse protection, fuse 100 a , multi-function amp meter (tm 7400), glass fuse, a meter, volt meter, three pole power contactors type mnx, street light pole, single arm, on delay timer, digital electric hot plate, electric hot plate with cable, electric hot plate socket only, electric hot plate socket cable with molded top, telephone receiver wire, buten gas cartridge, split ac cleaning cover, split ac gas cylinder , limit switch, nitrogan gas, ac water jet machine/pump, flaring kit, tube cutter, gas charging line (r-22), monifold pressure guage, spring bender set, lpg and oxygen torch , cord less drill, convex mirror, solar post 3 led's both sides, ear plug, thermal overload relay, welding helmet, electrical safety gloves , safety belt, ml thermal overload relay, ladder-aluminium (10 foot), ml thermal overload relay, adobe contactor, safety shoes, adone contactor, power contactor, power contactor, industrial temperature gun, welding goggles, galvanize saddle, casing capping box type heavy duty, phasecap hd pfc capacitors, digital volt meter, race way, digital volt+amp+hz meter, mccb, pvc junction box, roll plug, alluminium ring type lug , red, led indicating lamp , emergency stop switch, spreaded, cable jointing kit (straight joint), terminal, single core copper(frls), round cable clip, aluminum armourd cable(xlpe), climping tools (heavy duty) hydraulic, adjustable spaner with soft grip, single pole mcb 20 a, mini pliers two colour dip coated sleeve, torx screw driver, cable cutter, small micro screwdriver, analog time switch, universal set, digital time switch, universal set, astro time switch, pipe wrenches (stillson type), distribution board, drill tool bits set (hammer drill), spn db-4 way, drill bitt, allen key complete set, adjustable spanner, fix spanner set, sleeve (heat sink),, anti rust spray, power connector , insulation tape, north west switch, north west socket, 2 way switch , base plate , metal box, power socket (5 amp), plug cords for iron, rocker, pvc open box, screw, sheet metal screw, 1200 mm 42" ceiling fan, bearing, wall fan, ceiling fan pipe, rotary fan, fan regulator, fan stator, winding stator, heating mercury lamp, bulb, ultra violet tube light, copper choke, 42 led rechargeable emergency light, led emergency exit signage, starter holder - simple, insulator, led rope light, dol stater panel, star/delta stater panel, level controller, level sensor for u. n. mehta institute of cardiology & research centre (affiliated to b. j. medical college & nabh accredited).
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