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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 63 Million / 6.30 Crore
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 69251445
Closing Date 04 - Mar - 2024  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Rate Contract for Purchase of Surgical Consumable Items, Polypropylene mesh, Titanised polypropylene mesh, Bovine Pericardium, Disposable Surgical gloves polythene, free size, Examination Gloves, Latex, Non sterile, Sterile Gloves - Elbow length Gynaecological - Medium, Surgical Rubber Gloves - Sterile, Disposable core biopsy instrument 20G (automatic), Disposable Face Mask, Disposable surgical Cap- bouffant type, Endometrial Biopsy Curette, HIV Protection Kits, Lancet Blood Collection Needle, Nebulizer Machine, NX Cassettes, Surgical Blade, Surgical Incise Drapes medium, Surgical Incise Drapes large, Electrical Syringe And Needle Destroyer, Umbilical Cotton Tape, Non woven blue colored Disposable Surgical Drapes, Vessel Loops, Shoe Cover, T.U.R SET, B.T. SET, cynoacrylate tissue adhesive liquid, Optical Disposable Laproscopic trochar with cannula, Optical Disposable Laproscopic baloon trochar with cannula 10-12mm, polypropylene Camera cover, Bronchial Blocker with Y shaped distal End, Reusable BIPOLAR Forceps(bayonet type), Cautery pencil tip cleaner, Disposable Patient Plate For Diathermy, PTEF coated non stick 4 inch (10.2 cm), Blade Electrode, Abdomen Drain Kit, Flexible Intercostal Drainage Catheters, Intercostal drainage bag with water seal, Jackson-Pratt Flat drain, Negative Suction Drain SIze:10, Chest drain system with Mechanical one way valve and suction regulator, postpartum balloon with rapid instillation component, Corrugated drain, Disposable Suction Catheter, Disposable Tracheostomy Tube, Foley's Catheter, Double J stent, glide wire, Infant Feeding Tube, Nasojejunal tube, Ryles Tube, Supra-Pubic Cystostomy Set with Trocar 16 Fr, Urine Bag with urine flow meter, Urine Collection Bag- with Knob, Absorbable Haemostate sterile oxidised regenerated cellulose, Powdered Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose, Multiple Liga clip Applier, Glyconate monofilament Absorbable Suture, Monofilament Polyamide, Polybutylate coated polyester, Poly 4 Hydroxy Butyrate Absorbable Suture, Polyglactin Suture, Polypropylene, Silk Black Braided, Sutupak Surgical Silk, Synthetic Absorbable Polyglecaprone, Chromic Surgical Gut Suture, Stratafix Antibacterial, polydioxanone port closure, Knotless tissue closure device, Fiber Wire suture, Skin Barrier Micropore Surgical Paper Tape, Dermal regelation Matrix with elastin open Porus, Disposable Surgical Gown, Laparotomy drapes, Disposable Sterile Stockinette, U Bar Drape for hip and Shoulder surgery, Universal Drape for thoracic surgery, Fluid Shield Mask with Visor, Ultrasound shear 23-26 cm, Ziplock, Sterile Foam, Cassette, Medicated sterile silver foam, Sterile foam for autolytic debridement, Extra extra small wound protector, extra small wound protector, Small wound protector, Medium wound protector, Large wound protector, Extra large wound protector, Extra Extra large wound protector, Wound protector with laparoscopic Cap, Surgical bone wax, Gigli Saw Wire, K. wire 2.5mm 6", Bone Cement, Cement Gun, Bioabsorbable bone cement, A Biopsy System Tray 102MM for Automatic biopsy gun & etc for the year 2024-25 and 2025-26.
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