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Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 46028961
Closing Date 17 - Dec - 2021  |  50 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of - gloves, oxgyen, nitrogen and hydrogen determinator. #*. icp & dc arc atomic emission sepctrometer.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 46056634
Closing Date 24 - Nov - 2021  |  27 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of mouth mirror (stainless steel), speculum (ss), autoclave (ss), digital bp apparatus, examination lamp (halogen bulb), led torch(1 watt), mercury bp apparatus, cotton 500gm, distilled water, gauze 2 cm, glcial acetic acid, gloves (medium), ice cream (wooden sticks).
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5 Million / 50 Lakh
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 46039275
Closing Date 22 - Nov - 2021  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of laboratory regaents and articles, 96 wells pcr plate, activated charchol , ada kit erba, adhesive sealer for pcr plate, albert stain 125 ml nice, albumin kit 5x50 ml erba, alkaline phoshatase 10x2.2 ml erba, amylase kit 6x6 ml erba, anti a 10 ml tulip, anti -a1 lectin, anti abd 10 ml tulip, anti b 10 ml tulip, anti d blend , anti d igg + igm 10 ml tulip, anti d igm 10 ml tulip, antibiotic disc azithromycine hi media, antibiotic disc cefopodoxime hi media, antibiotic disc cefuroxime hi media, antibiotic disc ciprofloxacine hi media, antibiotic disc nitrofurantion hi media, antibiotic disc panicillin hi media, antibiotic disc amikacin himedia, antibiotic disc amoxyclav himedia, antibiotic disc ampicillin hi media, antibiotic disc cefixime himedia, antibiotic disc cefotaxime himedia, antibiotic disc cefoxitin himedia, antibiotic disc ceftriaxone himedia, antibiotic disc ceftriaxone + salbactum, antibiotic disc gentamycin himedia, antibiotic disc impenum himedia, antibiotic disc levofloxacin himedia, antibiotic disc linezolid himedia, antibiotic disc meropenum himedia, antibiotic disc piperacillin tazo himedia, auto lancet for glucometer, autoclavable bags himedia, bandaid water proof, bilirubin kit 4x60 ml erba, blood culture bottles adult hi media, blood culture bottles paed hi media, blood sugar 2x200 ml erba, blood urea 5x20 ml erba, blotting paper, borosil flask 1000ml, borosil flask 500ml, brilliant cresyl blue 125 ml hi media, bullet viols 1.5 ml polylab, capillary tube tops, carbol fuschin 125 ml nice, ceder wood oil 100ml, cell pack + stomatolyser 500 ml sysmex , chloamphenichol disc hi media, cholestrol kit 5x20 ml erba, christension urea agar hi media, cled agar, clindamycin antibiotic disc hi media, cotrimoxazole antibiotic hi media disc, cover slip 18 x 18 blue star pack of 20 pkt of10gm each, cover slip 22 x 50 blue star pack of 20 pkt of10gm each, cpda bag single , creatinine kit 4x60 ml erba, crp kit 50 t tulip, cryo box 100 places, cryo vials 1.8 ml, cushion ball, cuvettes and sterrers for haemoster xf, dca agar, dengue elisa kit jmitra, dengue elisa kit panbio, diamond pencil, direct hdl kit 4x30 ml erba, disposable droper 3.0 ml tarson, disposable laboratory gloves 6 no, disposable laboratory gloves 6.5 no, disposable laboratory gloves 7 no, disposable laboratory gloves 7.5 no, disposable needle 21 no dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, disposable needle 22 no dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, disposable needle 23 no dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, disposable needle 24 no dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, disposable needle 26 no dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, disposable syringe 1 ml with 22 nos dispovan/bd/romson needle pack of 100, disposable syringe 10 ml with 22 nos needle dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, disposable syringe 5 ml with 22 nos needle dispovan/bd/romson pack of 100, distt water 5 litre, doxycyline antibiotic disc hi media , dpx 500 ml nice, drabkin solution 5 litre arkray, dropper 3ml, ea 36 stain 125 ml nice, eosin stain 125 ml nice, erba norm 1x5 ml erba, erba norm 4x5 ml erba, erba path 1x5 ml erba, erba path 4x5 ml erba, erba wash 4x50 ml erba, esr disposable tube helico, esr tube for autoanalizer erba , esr tube for automatic esr analyser erba, esr tube marienfield germany 300 mm, ethanol 2 ltre soln, formaline absolute 5 ltr, g6pd 12x1.1 kinetic reckon, g6pd 5 test coral make, geimsa stain 1e25 ml nice, glacial acitic acid 500 ml nic, glass slides 50 pc blue star, glucometer strips optium, glycerol 500ml soln, gram stain 125 ml hi media, h&e stain 125 ml hi media, h&e stain 125 ml nice , hbsag 96 t elisa erba, hbsag 96 t elisa j mitra, hbsag card j mitra, hbsag card reckon, hbsag card tulip, hcv 96t elisa erba, hcv 96t elisa j mitra, hcv card j mitra, hcv card reckon, hcv card tulip , hdl kit 2x50 ml (erba), hiv 96 t elisa erba, hiv 96 t elisa j mitra, hiv card j mitra, hiv card reckon, hiv card tulip, hydrochloric acid 500 ml nice, immersion oil miceoscope nice, india ink stain, inoculating loop hi media, isopropyl alcohol 2 litre nice , isopropyl alcohol 500 ml nice , koh pellets, koh powder hi media 250 gm, kovacs reagent 125 ml, lancet 200 steel rapid make, leishman stain hi media 250 ml, leishman stain nice 250 ml, leishman stain qualings 250 ml, lens cleaning paper whatsman, liquid parafin oil (nice make) 500ml, liquiplastin 5 ml tulip, macconky agar himedia, macro tip stand polylab, macrotip stand tarsons, magnesium kit 2x50 ml erba, malaria card, malaria card jmitra, malaria card reckon, malaria card tulip, measuring cylinder 1000ml , measuring cylinder 100ml , methanol 2ltre soln, micro esr tube paed , micro tip stand polylab, micro tip stand tarson, microtipcs 1-10 ml tarson, microtipcs 1-5 ml tarson, microtips 0-20 micro litre tarson, microtips 0-200 micro litre tarson, microtips 100-1000 micro litre tarson, montex viol 5 ml arkary, muller hinton agar, new methylene blue 125 ml nice, nitrile gloves medium size , norfloxacin antibiotic
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 46009992
Closing Date 20 - Nov - 2021  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Electronic White Board, Ceiling Projector with Fixing Material, Electric Screen, Personal Computer, Hard Disk 4tb, Laptop, Printer with Scanner, Photo Copy Machine. #*. Injection Training Arm for Adults and Infants, Vein Access Simulator, Tubal Feeding Simulator, Suction Simulator, Resuscitator, Endotracheal Intubation Trainer, Cpr Simulator, Cpr Trainer, Bls Simulator, Aed Trainer with Mannequin, Physical Assessment Model with Ecg and Table, Blood Pressure Measurement Trainer, Height and Internal Fat Scale with Weighting Machine. #*. Anatomy All Organs Charts, Abdominal Palpation Model, Active Management of State Three Labour Model, Anatomy Mdels Dummy, Birth Mechanism Model, Breast in Model, Cell to Embryo Model, Cervical Dilatation and Stretch Effacement Model, Embryo 32 Weeks Model, Episiotomy Surturing Model, Fertilization to Fetus Development Model, Human Placenta Model, Human Spermatozoon Model, Mamma Post-partum Model, Mammary Gland, Maternal Placenta Model, Ostomy Mannequin, Ovary Models, Spermato Genesis Model, Rue Pelvis Model, Skeleton Model, Micorooganism Slides. #*. Advanced Nursing Mannequin, Gynaecology Simulator / Model, Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device Simulator, Kangaro Mother Care Simulator, Mother Care Mannequin, New Born and Child Nursing Procedure Mannequin, Uterine Sound Simulator, Delivery Simulator, Nursing Simulator, Urination Simulators, Dressing Simulators. #*. 100kva Generator. #*. Radiant Infant Warmer, Phototherapy Unit, Oxygen Concetractor, Ventilator, Finger Pulse Oximeter, Pulse Oximeter, Infusion Pump, Haemoglobin Estimation Kit, Mictoscope, Photo Colorimeter, Semi Auto Analyzer, Glucometer with Strip. #*. Artery Forceps Curved, Artery Forceps Straight, Cuscos Speculum, Sims Speculum, Sponge Holding Forceps, Vulselium Forceps. #*. Cot with Backrest, Emegency Drug Tolley, Labour Board, in Stand, Non Pneumatic Anti Shock Garmet Protective Device, Personal Protection Equipment Set. #*. Human Pathlogical Wet Specimens, Wet Specimen All Organs Model, Endoparasites Wet Specimens Models.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 45900235
Closing Date 18 - Nov - 2021  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of surgical consumables - foldable intra ocular lense with injector, absorbable gelatin sponge, oxygen mask, infant feeding tube, sterile catheter, nelaton - catheter, ecg electrode/reliable trace, surgical blade sterile, sterile hypodermic syringe with needle, urethral catheter, vaccum suction set, epidural minipack 18g, sterile disposable perfusion set with airway and needle, vascular catheter with metal, 3 way stop cock, non pyrogenic & single use, sterile disposable perfusion set (infusion set) with airway and needle (paediatric use), 3 way stop cock with extension tube, abdominal drain kit, nasal pronge neonatal, elastic adhesive bandage, sterile disposable, niv mask (noninvasive ventilation mask), sterile disposable infusion set with microdrip, nebulization mask adult, nebulization mask paediatric, chemotherapy port &non-coring needles, eye drape with pockets, ear buds, disposable visco cannula 22g, insulin syringe ( 40 units) with (fixed) 30 g needle,shall conform to is 12227, keratome 2.8mm,keratome 5.2mm, dark goggles, disposable needle 26 g, ophthalmic knife 15â°side port, disposable 1 ml syringe, adhesive plasters usp/spool zinc oxide self adesive plaster usp 7.5cm x 10mts, adhesive plasters usp/spool zinc oxide self adhesive plaster usp, airways guedl 2, sterile disposable (single use), airways guedl 4, anesthesia circuit, bandage 1 inch (finger), bandage 2inch, bandage 4 inch, bandage 6inch (starch bun), bleached bandage colth with: counts other specifications as per schedule f(ii) of drugs and cosmetics act 1940, barium sulfate, barium sulphate, mucus extractor sterile/ clear transparent container/ antibacterial filter/ soft, barium sulphate enema 3.5 kg, barium sulphate paste 200 gm, barium sulphate rapid transit 125 gm, bone biopsy needle, bone narrow aspiration needle, bone narrow biopsy needle, boric acid powder 500gm, disposable needles 16g, nasal oxygen cannula (set), disposable needles 23g, disposable scalp vein set, hepatitis b virus (hbv) hbsag rapid test, hepatitis c virus (hcv) antibody rapid test, dengue test kit rapid, malaria test kit rapid, hiv test kit rapid (3rd generation diagnostic), high flow oxygen mask with reservoir bag, inter costal drainage tube (with under water seal), inter costal drainage tube (with under water seal) pediatrics, laryngeal mask airways, laryngeal mask airways, laryngoscopes set of 4 blades, laryngoscopes set of 4 blades, mackintosh double colour water proof, n95 mask with niosh, needle hypodermic - insulin needle, nitrile gloves m,l,xl, paper adhesive plaster 1" x 9.0 mts (with cutter) non woven adhesive tape,hypoallergic,should have some stretch bonding, universal protection kit (for operation of hiv +ve patient, naco), safe delivery kit, surgical (sterile) gloves size 6, surgical (sterile) gloves size 6.5, surgical (sterile) gloves size 7, surgical (sterile) gloves size 7.5, trochar and canula bivalve ( metallic) (for spc)16, trochar and canula blvalve (metallic) (for spc) 18, trochar and canula blvalve (metallic) (for spc) 20, uristix for albumine and sugar, paper adhesive plaster 2" x 9.0 mts (with cutter) non woven adhesive tape hypoallergic, should have some stretch bonding, absorbent cotton wool ip 500 gm, multistix 10 sg for urine, blood collection single bag, blood collection triple bag, ultrasound gel 250 gm, ecg gel 250 gm, anti a monoclonal igm titre value 512 (minimum) solution, anti ab monoclonal igm titre value 512 (minimum) solution, anti b monoclonal igm titre value 512 (minimum) solution, anti d monoclonal igm titre value 512 (minimum) solution, anti human globulin serum (coombs serum) poly specific (igg + c3d), paper adhesive plaster 3" x 9.0 mts (with cutter) non woven adhesive tape hypoallergic, should have some stretch bonding, plaster of paris bandages 15cm x 2.7mts / roll,should conform to schedule f(ii) of drug and cosmetic act 1940, concentrated haemodialysis fluid b.p., peritonial dialysis solution i.p, plastic gloves (loose pack), adult diapers (m, l, xl), adult ventilator breathing circuit, paediatric ventilator breathing circuit, adult ventilator breathing circuit with double water trap, ventilator breathing circuit(adult) with 1 hme & 2 bacterial filters, ventilator breathing circuit (adult) with 1 hme filter, ventilator breathing circuit (adult) with 2 bacterial filters with 1.5 m extra corugated tube, plaster of paris bandages 10cm x 2.7mts / roll,should conform to schedule f(ii) of drug and cosmetic act 1940, ventilator breathing circuit (adult) with 2 bacterial filters & 2 ltrs breathing bag with extra 1.5 mtr corrugated tube, bacterial viral filter with hme-adult, bacterial viral filter with hme-paediatric, bacterial viral filter with hme-neonate, bacterial viral filter with hme-high performance bacteria filter, pulmonary function filter, breathing bag -0.5l, breathing bag - 1l, breathing bag - 2l, breathing bag - 3l, ryle's tube / nasogastric tube (p.v.c.) with radio opaque lining, silicon resusciator(adult
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 45944299
Closing Date 18 - Nov - 2021  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of lab items - urine strip(glucose+protein) (100/pkt), ammonium sulphate crystal (500gm/pkt), sodium nitro prusside (250gm), liquor ammonia (500ml), 10% barium chloride (500ml), fouchets reagent (125ml), sulphur powder (500gm), ehrlichs reagent (125ml), urine collection bottle(disposable) (25/pkt 18000 nos), 2ml syringe (100/pkt), 5ml syringe (100/pkt), eppendoff's tube (1000/pkt), tourniquet, thermal paper 57mm(vesmatice) (10 roll/pkt), 3.8% sodium citrate(500ml), blood collection tube clot actvator (100/pkt), edta salt (100gm), microtips 100-1000ml (1000/pkt), blood collection tube clot actvator (100/pkt cml), butterfly needle (sv set 24g), urine multi strip 10 parameters (100/pkt), blood grouping reagent (3x10ml/pkt), pregnancy card (50t/kit), ra latex (35t/kit), aso latex (35t/kit), crp latex (35t/kit), hiv card (50t/kit), hcv card (50t/kit), hbs ag card (50t/kit), vdrl (50t/kit), dispossible face mask, examination gloves (100/pkt), cotton, bandage (900x20cm), surgical gloves (6.5), surgical gloves (7), surgical apron, n95 mask, oxygen mask, nebulisation mask, micrpore (9.1), inj.syringe with needle (5ml), inj.syringe with needle (2ml), inj. syringe with needle (10ml), suture removal scissors, drum medium (2), drum small (2), stainless steel tray with lid-large, stainless steel tray with lid-medium, stainless steel tray with lid-small, iv set, iv canula (20), iv canula (24), scalp vein set, cidex solution, surgical blade (no.11), surgical blade (no.20), lancet, insulin syringe, surgical spirit (5ltr/bottle), distilled water(500 ml), kidney tray (steel)-large, kidney tray (steel)-small, face shield, electrode gel (250gm), ultra sound gel (250gm), coputerised xray film (8x10), coputerised xray film (10x12), lox 2% injection, lox 2% gel , sodium phosphate enema (100ml-transflex), povodine iodine 5% solution (500ml), povodine iodine oinment (200gm), magnesium sulphate crystal (500gm), glycerine (500ml), hydrogen peroxide (500ml), formaldehyde solution (500ml), surgical headcap, dispovan 2.5ml syringe with needle, gadjet disinfectant spray, tissue paper roll, spot band aid, syringe needle dystroyer, lox spray (10%), ecg paper (50mmx20m), ecg paper ((210mmx20m), normal saline (.9%-500ml), turpentine oil (100ml), dns (5%-500ml), dfo gel, 2cc syringe, 5cc syringe, e.d.t.a vial, clot activation vial, urine collection bottle (500no/pkt), urine strip (glucose & protein), urine multistrip, sodium citrate (500ml), cover glass, yellow tip (5ml-100ml), blue tip (100ml-1ml), microscopic slide, sodium hypocloride, spot band aid, eppendoff tube (500nos), thermal paper (55x57mm) to government ayurveda college tvpm.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 46041130
Closing Date 18 - Nov - 2021  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of consumables and reagents, ast card (ast – n235),vitek 2 ast card,biomerieux, gn id card, vitek 2 ast card,biomerieux, yst id card, vitek 2 ast card,biomerieux, ast card (ys08), vitek 2 ast card,biomerieux, saline solution, 500 ml bottle for vitek 2,biomerieux, densicheck plus kit, per kit for vitek 2,biomerieux, macfarland kit, per packet for vitek 2,biomerieux , ria vials (plastic test tubes), 12x75 mm for vitek 2,biomerieux, bact/alert pf plus aerobic paediatric, 100 bottles/pkt,biomerieux, bact/alert fa plus aerobic, 100 bottles/pkt,biomerieux, bact/alert fn plus anaerobic, 100 bottles/pkt, biomerieux, bhi supplemented with 0.5% sps blood culture system bottle (adult), 10 bottles/pkt, himedia, bhi supplemented with 0.5% sps blood culture system bottle (paediatric), 10 bottles/pkt,himedia, nutrient agar, 500 gm,, blood agar base, 500 gm, macconkey agar, 500 gm, cled agar,500 gm, muellar hinton agar, 500 gm, sda agar, 500 gm, sda agar with chloramphenicol, 500 gm, sda agar with chloramphenicol and cycloheximide, 500 gm, tcbs agar, 500 gm, dca agar, 500 gm, xld agar, 500 gm, bile salt agar, 500 gm, muellar hinton with glucose and methylene blue, 500 gm, cornmeal agar, 500 gm, hichrome candida differential agar, 500 gm, selenite f , 500 gm, tetrathionate, 500 gm, peptone, bacteriological grade, 500 gm, beef extract,500 gm, tsi agar, 500 gm, simmon’s citrate agar, 500 gm, christensen’s urease agar, 500 gm, urea 40%, 1vial, glucose powder, 500 gm, lactose powder, 500 gm, sucrose powder, 500 gm, mannitol powder, 500 gm, d- xylose, 500 gm, d – arabinose, 500 gm, raffinose, 500 gm, sorbitol, 500 gm, malt extract agar, 500 gm, plate count agar, 500 gm, l-lysine, 500 gm, l-ornithine, 500 gm, l-arginine, 500 gm, gpp, 500 gm, kovac’s indole reagent, 100 ml, methyl red powder, 100gm, ? napthol, 100gm, di-potassium hydrogen phosphate, 500gm, nnnn-tetramethyl paraphenylene diamine dihydrochlorite, 500ml, potassium hydroxide, 500gm, sodium hydroxide, 500gm, bhi broth, 500gm, sodium deoxycholate, 500gm, macconkey broth double strength, 500 gm, macconkey broth single strength, 500 gm, sodium chloride crystals, 500gm, phenolphthaline phosphate agar, 500 gm, hugh leifson’s media, 500 gm, potassium nitrate, 500 gm, dermatophyte test media, 500 gm, potato dextrose agar, 500 gm, hichrome candida differential agar base selective supplement, 500 gm, glacial acetic acid, 500 ml, mops, 500 ml, liquid paraffin, 500 ml, rpmi 1640, 500 ml, soyabean casein digest agar, 500 gm, tryptic soy broth, 500 gm, parafilm d m 125, per roll, yeast nitrogen base, 500 gm, vitamin growth supplement, 500 gm, trehalose dehydrate, 500 gm, maltose monohydrate, 500gm, dmso, 500 gm, bile esculin agar, 500 gm, pyr agar, 500 gm, decarboxylase broth base, 500 gm, loeflers medium base, 500gm, cary blair medium base, 500 gm, ferric chloride anhydrous, 500 gm, yeast malt agar, 500gm, yeast malt broth, 500 gm, acetate agar, 500 gm, yeast carbon base, 500gm, stuarts urea broth, 500 gm, czapek dox agar, 500 gm, bhi agar, 500gm, tellurite blood agar,500 gm, agar powder, bacteriological grade,500gm, meat extract b, powder,500 gm, dulcitol powder,500 gm, haemoglobin powder,500gm, potassium tellurite 1%,500 gm, inositol,500 gm, mannose,500gm, pyruvic acid sodium salt,500 gm, bowie & dick test pack,500 gm, urea broth base,500gm, dermatophyte supplement,500 gm, dextrose disk,1 vial, maltose disk,1 vial, sucrose disk,1vial, lactose disk,1vial, galactose disk,1vial, trehalose disk,1vial, dulcitol disk,1vial, raffinose disk,1vial, xylose disk ,1vial, inositol disk,1vial, melibiose disk,1vial, cellobiose disk,1vial, caustic soda flakes,500 gm, amino acetic acid, ar,500 ml, acid fuchsin,500 ml, ammonium chloride,500 gm, horse serum,100 ml, bromothymol blue indicator,100 ml, andrade’s indicator,100 ml, 10% lactic acid solution,100 ml, potassium nitrate solution,100 ml, magnesium sulphate anhydrous,500 gm, tween 80,100 ml, tween 60,100 ml, tween 40,100 ml, tween 20,100 ml, potassium dihydrogen phosphate,500 gm, thiamine hydrochloride,500 gm, methyl violet/ crystal violet, 500ml, gram's iodine, 500 ml, acetone, 500 ml, safranine, 500ml, methylene blue, 500ml, albert a stain, 500ml, albert b stain, 500ml, 20% sulphuric acid,500 ml, lpcb,250 ml, india ink,23 ml, pas,500 ml, gms ,500 ml,sigma, spore strips,per pkt, cotton swab,20x1 pkt, hydrogen peroxide solution 30%,500ml, sterile disk,1vial, homogeniser with serrated pastel 20 ml,per pc., test tube stand,per pc, sterile disposable petridish 55mm, 25x10 pkt, sterile disposable petridish 90mm, 600x1 pkt, sterile disposable petridish 100mm, 600x1 pkt, sterile swab for ast,500x1 pkt, cedarwood oil,100 ml, surgical mask,100pc/pk, assorted nichrome loops,per pc, metal loop holder,per pc, glass tubes 5 ml, glass tubes10 ml, glass tubes 20 ml, glass tubes100 ml, glass beakers,250ml, glass beakers 500ml, glass beakers 1000ml, glass conical flask 250ml, glass conical flask 500ml, glass conical flask1000ml, durham’s tube,per pk
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 90 Thousand
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 46045391
Closing Date 17 - Nov - 2021  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of heat resistant gloves
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal Tenders Ref.No 46007688
Closing Date 16 - Nov - 2021  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Registration of firms for supply of house keeping items, broom, phynel, Colin, room fresher, sanitizer, etc, raw material and chemical etc related to lab, iron and wood furniture, electrical item/equipment. #*. Computer and associated equipment and repairing, maintenance and cctv related equipment and repair work. #*. Repair and maintenance of water cooler, ro and photo copier machine. #*. Stationary, printer cartage refilling and cartage, printing, stationary and other printing work. #*. Supply of sports items. #Hindi
Sector Safety Equipment\Explosives Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 46054317
Closing Date 16 - Nov - 2021  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 300 (three hundred) wet suits (ppe) and 20 (twenty) under water deep diving sets with communication system.
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