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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 48855418
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2023  |  312 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of combat t-shirt all sizes, coat combat dispruptive detachable linning with indian army logo all sizes, combat dress (jacket & trousers) with ia logo all sizes, net mosquito round mesh poly flame retardant khaki, rain cape multipurpose (poncho), Blanket superior og, bag kit universal mk-2, pt shoes (sports footwear) all sizes, haversack (modified), boot high ankle dvs (imp ver)/boot high ankle pu rubber sole all sizes, gloves ecc (modified) outer and inner all sizes, coat ecc (all sizes), trouser ecc (all sizes), snow boot, cap glacier, drawers cold weather, head gear boxing, cap food handlers (all sizes), boot short knee rubber size 5 to 12, ecad head percussion type sdm filled, shirts cotton white for cooks size 1 to size 4, hat gorkha complete with strap chin, underpant woollen (imp version), men's shirt cold weather thermal under garment for glacier reagion (polypropylene), overall winter complete (all sizes), vest thermal sizes 80,85,90,95,100,105 and 110, socks men's wool heavy khaki raised size 27,29 & 31, screen latrine mk-3/ bag mk-1, cloth muslin in blue 91 cm wide, leather cow curried bandolier, trough canvas, 364 ltr, mk-2, tent operating mk-2 wall long, blouse white with scarlet border size 1 to 12, the national flag of india 3600 x 2400 mm s/2, slippers rubber red size 2 to 7, shirts popline white open front with red crossed on pocket (all sizes), trousers drill white bleached s/1 to s/6a (all szies), web thick og 51 mm, felt woollen 3 mm roth & moth proofed(soft variety white), leather buffallow curried back medium, national flag of india 1800 x 1200 mm s/4, screen latrine mk-3 screen, cloth duck polyester & cotton rip stop 580 gm og 91 cm wide, ecad box cargo aerial delivery corrugarted cord board type sdb parachute 5.5, bag sleeping mk-iv complete all sizes, helmet combat fibre glass og/sand colour, almirah wood collapsible med mk-2, table folding cook house mk-iv with ss top, table gs medium mk-2, rack steel adjustable, mule shoe mk-2 no 3 hind, flex water bottle plastic with cover, cover ( of water bottle plastic with cover), weight cast iron or forged mild steel 1 kg, tin mess alluminium alloy, stool camp mark-1, potato peeler manual ss, table camp mk-4, equipment air dropping shackle bow harp 11 mm with pin, sieves atta circular 400 mm dia, basin wash aluminium, mule shoe mk-2 no 4 fore, scoop hand flour mk-2, scale dial indicating hanging type 100 kg x 500 gm, mug stainless steel with double wall moulded hnadle, stove oil wickless no 100 complete, universal member for tent extendable frame supported, table gs large mk-2, collars head su large mk-4, horse shoe cavalry mk-2 no-5 hind, girths pgs ips ip no 1, plastic container w/o lid for carriage of fresh item, thermos ss 1 litre, picker hoof, girth pgs ip no-2, head mallet wood medium, tent poles standing (bamboo no 6 for tent 80 kg mk-2 50 kg length 2360x45, degchie outer, carrier man pack bomb 81 mm mortar e-1, glass looking hospital mk-2 with metalic frame provided with metal lvg, sickle with serrated edge, rein driving long, pad surcingle mk-5, breeching pgs mk-4 no 0, collar breast pa long, mule shoe mk-2 no 3 fore, mule shoe mk-2 no 2 fore, mule shoes mk-2 no 2 hind, horse shoe cavalry mk-2 no-6 hind, pressure cooker 22 ltrs complete, panel pgs linings felt brown short no 1, boxes mobile office, three way joint for roof pole for tent extendable frame supported, cooker oil blow lamp mk-1 complete, cobl burner tube choke, utensil cooking 45 men set degchi 305 mm lid, handles pick digging head 685 mm, nail horse shoe no - 3, carrier man pack base plate bipod barrel 81 mm mortar e-1, cut components strap neck hpd points, pannel pgs no 00, cobl burner mk-5 vaporiser, coller breast pa special, brush animal grooming, horse shoe artillery no 6 fore, collar breast hpd mk-iii, clipper horse, rein bit su, saddle su pattern 02 attachment v girth, leather chamois skin grade-ii size (600 mm x 350 mm), mule shoe mk-2 no-4 hind, skin chamoos leather grade'a' size (600 mm x 450 mm), horse shoe cavalry mk-2 no-4 fore, shelter crafts man plain 1a cover side, sprayer insecticide mannually carried compression hand operated continuous knapsack pistontype 16 ltrs capacity.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 46049450
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2022  |  130 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ration items, sewwes and bakery items. #*. maintenance of computer and other items desktop computer, cctv camera, laptop, , networking (lan), photo copier, laser printer, pen drive, ccvt camera, web camera, cartridge, caridge refilling. #*. building construction materials white washing of building (including supply of all material, labor etc.), one coated (, distempering (including supply of all material, labor etc.) oil bond distemper, apex painting (including supply of all material and labour), enamel painting, painting of railing pipes 100 dia (including supply of all material), painting of railing pipes 80 dia, finishing wall with superior quality water proof cement, paint/samosam of approved make and quality with two coats to give even shade including preparing surface, roof paint including all materials and labour, red oxide including all materials and labour, windows glass 4 mm including material and labour, glass plain, cement. #*. supply of tshirt,jersy, shocks, tie belt, track suit and blazer. #*. supply of sports items volleyball, volly ball net, basket ball, basket ball net, , volly ball pole, hand ball, foot ball, hand ball pole, hand ball net, hand ball player kit, foot ball stud(shoes), foot ball socks(full, size), foot ball keeper gloves, knee cap(foot ball) wrist band badminton shuttle cock, , badminton net, hockey sticks, hockey goal keeper, kit, hockey net, sin guard hockey, sin guard football, hockey shoes(stud), hockey sports kit, football player kit, hockey kit bag, hockey traf ball, cricket bat, cricket stump, track suit, sports kits javlion, football net, hockey socks. #*. supply of beddng items, mattress,bead sheet, towel , pillow, Blanket, mosquit net. #*. supply of furits and vegetable. #*. supply of shoes & slippers . #*. sticthing of uniform. #*. supply of stationery items long note book, long note book (with school name and, logo pringing), practical note book - physics, chem,, bio, geo., comp., general science, maths, chart paper, water colour, drawing pin (thumb pin), gum bottle, ball pen / pilot pen, refills, duster, pencil, white board marker, white board marker ink, white board duster, chalk box, scales, scales, rubber, sharpner, geometery box complete, graph note book (32 pages, without cover, drawing copy, drawing copy, school bags, sketch pen, main answer sheet, supplementary, answer sheets, outline maps india, thread roll, plastic rassi gola, rubber band, color chart paper, assignment sheet register with jild, photostat paper rim, colored paper rim file cover with double hole, file cover with double hole, fevicol, cello tape, packing tape, stamp pad, allpin, stapler pin, stapler pin, stapler, gum bottle, tags, tags, correction pen white fluid, calculator, envelope plastic laminated, permanent market (black/red/blue) fevi stick. #*. supply of daily use items broom, tooth paste, shoe polish liquid, mosquito coil, harpic, sanitary napkin, soap, toilet cleaner, phenyl, hair oil, tooth brush, viper.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 49756188
Closing Date 15 - Jun - 2022  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of hp powerkool rr of hpcl for maintenance #1 soft woolen Blanket of superior quality #1 snack table with bottle #1 clean silica sand, free from clay loams, mica and foreign #1 computerized reservation ticket with advertisement #1 pre-laminated single shaded compreg #1 non asbestos based organic brake pad for lhb coaches #1 water tank assembly two piece design #1 compressor oil, servo prss 100 packed
Sector Printing Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Telangana Tenders Ref.No 49691345
Closing Date 14 - Jun - 2022  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of w/o reel rod u.v Blanket 530x672x1.70 mm
Sector Road Transport Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 140 Million / 14 Crore
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 49732583
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2022  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
supply, installation of cctv camera. #* procurement of smf batteries for ups, led lamps with assemblies, ght bolt and ght bolt with nyloc nuts, synthetic woollen Blankets & linen cloth, automotive glasses, automotive grease, led lamps. #* supply, installation & commissioning of plate exposing machine on turnkey basis.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 49795048
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of surgical items, aspiration needle no 14, aspiration needle no 16, b.p. blade 11 no., b.p. blade 15no., b.p. blade 16 no., b.p. blade 18 no., b.p. blade 22 no., b.p. blade 23 no., b.p. instrument (mercury), b.p. instrument (digital), b.p. instrument (dial), baby mucous sucker, bain circuit adult (good quality), bain circuit child (good quality), bigg (tube exchanger), bandage roll 4 meter -f ii schedule 4 " inch (as per list specification), bandage roll 4 meter -f ii schedule 6 " inch (as per list specification), bandage than -f- ii 100cm x 18 mtr (as per list specification), b.t. set ( blood transfusion set), bi-valve marvel swab-able antimicrobial 3 way stopcock , c.v.p. manometer , centro double lumen 5x8cm, colostomy kit no. 12, colostomy bag, corrugated sheet , cord clamp (good quality), cotton roll 400 mg (net), cotton thread 1 no., crepe bandage size 4 " inch, crepe bandage size 6 " inch, cutting needle (curved) different size (assorted size), cutting needle (round body ) different size (assorted size), cutting needle (straight) different size (assorted size), dispo cap for o.t.use , dispo mask for o.t. use (3 ply), disposable bladder wash syringe , disposable insulin syringe 1ml , disposable syringe 1 ml, disposable syringe 2 ml, disposable syringe 3 ml, disposable syringe 5 ml, disposable syringe 10 ml, disposable syringe 20 ml, disposable syringe 50 ml, drainage set (romodrain), disposable ventilator circuit , elastic adhesive bandage size : 10cm x 4/6mtr. (stretched length), endotracheal tube (plain) size no. 2.0 to 4.5 , endotracheal tube (plain) size no. 5.0 to 8.5 , endotracheal tube (cuffed) size 2.5 , endotracheal tube (cuffed) size no. 3.0 to 4.5 , endotracheal tube (cuffed), size no. 5.0 to 8.5 , epi cath 1/master box of 400, epi sure size 16, epi sure size 18, epidural set with epidural catheter , face mask : - black/white/colour for boyels anesthesia machine no: 1 , face mask : - black/white/colour for boyels anesthesia machine no: 2 , face mask : - black/white/colour for boyels anesthesia machine no: 3 , face mask disposable (as per list specification), feeding tube gs no 10, feeding tube gs no 8, feeding tube no 6, flatus tube, face shield ( as per list specification), gauge than -f-ii schedule 18mtr. ( as per list specification), hi mask adult, hi mask child, head harness- nasal- oral , helmet mask, hme- filtre, hiv drape pack kit (as pe r list specification), i.v. set ( as per list specification), iv cannula (jelco needle) no 12, iv cannula (jelco needle) no 18, iv cannula (jelco needle) no 16, iv cannula (jelco needle) no 20, iv cannula (jelco needle) no 22, iv cannula (jelco needle) no 24, jelco sponge / heavy canulla , jelonate , kehr's "t" tube , kehr's "t" tube no. 14, l.m.a size 1, l.m.a size 2, l.m.a size 3, laryngel mask silken size 4, laryngel mask silken size 5, leucoplast roll 4" inch, leucoplast roll 6 " inch, malecot catheter no : 12, malecot catheter no : 14, malecot catheter no : 18, malecot catheter no : 20, malecot catheter no : 24, malecot catheter no : 26, malecot catheter no : 28, malecot catheter no : 30, malecot catheter no : 32, medi cap , micro infussion set, mucus extractor , nasopharyngeal airway 7, nasopharyngeal airway 7.5, nel-cath size 14, nel-cath size 16, nel-cath size 18, nel-cath size 8, nebuliser mask (adult ), nebuliser mask (child ), niv mask – nasal, n95 mask (niosh certified), oxy set adult (tube with mask), oxy set child (tube with mask), oxygen delivery mask adult/paed. , patient return electrode compatible with valleylab diathermy., pedia drip/pedia set. , plaster of paris 50kg. drum, ppe kit (as per list specification), pvc apron (large size with cloth border stitched), pleural aspiration needle, reinforced endotracheal tube 8mm, rem polyhesive adult, respirometer , romodrain , round body needle (curved) different size, rubber sheet , ryles tube no : 6, pleural aspiration needle, ryles tube no : 14, ryles tube no : 16, ryles tube no : 18, ryles tube no : 20, sanitary pad , scalp vein set , scalp vein set no: 14, scalp vein set no: 16, scalp vein set no: 18, scalp vein set no: 20, scalp vein set no: 22, scalp vein set no: 24, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 6, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 8, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 10, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 12, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 14, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 16, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 18, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 20, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 22, silicon coated foley's catheter no : 24, silicon catheter , spinal needle no : 23, spinal needle no : 24, spinal needle no : 25, spinal needle no : 26, spinal needle no : 27, suction catheter, suction catheter (plain) size 6, super oxidised water, supra cath plus , supracath set , suspensory bandage size: extra large, suspensory bandage size: large, skin stapler, stellate, surgeon gloves (sterile) no. 6 (as per list specif
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49820927
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase miscellaneous article - alluminium utensil, alluminium ladder (8'), allen key set, all-out liquidator machine, all-out liquidator, alluminium can (big size), alluminium degchi (raja), alluminium frying pan (taj), alluminium gamla (taj), alluminium handi (raja), alluminium karai (raja), alluminium nouka / rice tub (raja), alluminium plain sheet , alluminium saucepan (raja), alluminiun bucket (12") (raja), alluminiun bucket (14") (raja), alluminiun jug (raja), alluminiun tea kettle (raja), ariel(500 gm), arrowroot, airwick freshmatic automatic air freshener, asbestos sheet 2.5’x12’ (everest), axe (tata), bugle cord, bugle, breath analyzer, Blanket woolen single, Blanket woolen double, black tape 09 m length, betadine lotion, bike helmet (best quality) isi mark, bib cock pvc, bernal, bp trumpet, battery nippo for megaphone, batali, bass (big) drum, baga wrench (pipe wrench), b^b trombone (tenor), b^b euphoniom, b^b clarinet, badminton net (falcon), brasso 250 ml, badminton nylon shuttle cock ,mavis -500(yonex), badminton racket (yonex , gr -303), badminton racket (yonex, carbonex 6 super), badminton racket string, bamboo big size, bamboo ladder 20 fit., barbed wire, basin ( hindware), basin external pipe, battery medium (eveready), battery calling bell (eveready), battery pencil (eveready), battery remote (duracell), bed sheet 5’x7’ (bombay dying), belcha big (tata), bleaching powder , bib cock 2 -in -1, bib cock (brass), bib cock (steel), binocular (1.5 k.m.range)- nikon, bitumin (pitch), black board wooden (3’x4’), black paper, blade for hacksaw, blue liquid (robin), blue powder (robin), bone dust, bowl big (laopala), bowl small (laopala), brass chain (good quality), brass tub (for flower) 12”, brass tub (for flower) 14”, brick, brick, broom stick, brown cades (ajanta), brown target paper (4’x4’), brush for painting (3 inch), brush for painting (4 inch), brush holder, cutter machine blade (grinder), cutter machine (grinder), china nail 1.5", china nail 2", china shadle 20mm, china shadle 6mm, chisel 6", chitkani alluminium 4", 6", chitkani iron 4", 6", chopper (01 ft), citronella 100 ml, clamp for pvc pipe, cloth clip, commode (hindware), coir foot mat 24" x 48", coir foot mat 12" x 36", carrom board stand g.i pipe, carbon for drill machine, car portable fire extinguisher, car perfume with machine, car freshener, car duster, camouflage vest, comfort 1 liter, cane lathi 3', cane busket, carbolic acid 100 ml, casarol (cello) 5 ltrs, curpet jute, carpet nylon, carrom board 48" good quality, carrom board 52" good quality, cement (ambuja) -50 kgs. bag, cement piller 6 ft., ceremonial dress for police band personeel with all items like (shoe, cap, belt, trouser, shirt, lynerd), chaki & belna, chalk-pencil, clip, clip board, coal –tar, coasters, coir string, colin spray -500 ml, compass, connector pipe, corner flag (best quality), corner self 8”x 8”, corrugate sheet 2.5’x10’(jindal), corrugate sheet 2.5’x12’ (jindal), cordless calling bell remote battery, cordless calling bell (havells), cordless microphone battery , cow dung, cricket bat duse, cricket bat tennis, cricket elbow guard (ss), cricket helmet duse (ss), cricket pads (ss), cricket thigh guard (ss), cricket wicket, carpet nylon (belgium), curtain pipe 2"/3" dia, curtain best quality, curtain medium quality, curtain with all equipment, face mask (surgical), face mask (cloth), drum stick, drum for police band 28", drum for police band 22", drill bit set , iron, drill bit set , wooden, drill bit set , concrete, door skin 4' x 7', drum belt 22 ", doctors hygienic 500 ml. (floor cleaner), door handle lock (godrej), display board (4' x 5'), discuss plate, dinner spoon steel, diathin 500 gm. , diamond blade, daw (cutter), d.a.p fertilizer, dendrite 100 gm, dettol liquid -500 ml, dettol liquid hand wash 200 ml, dettol soap -75 gm., dinner set (laopala), dinner plate (laopala), full plate, dinner plate (laopala), half plate, dinner set big size (laopala), discus -1 kg (nelco), discus -2 kg (nelco), door chitkeni, door closer (isi), door handle , door kabja, door mat coir, door mat iron net, door mat synthetic, door reparing with all fitting, drain brush, drain brush with lathi 6', drill machine set, dustbin plastic big size, duster, electric welding machine (portable), electric portable spray painting machine, electric jhalai rod (steel), electric jhalai rod (iron), electric toster (big size), eb alto saxophone, ear plug, earthen flower tub (14''), ezee 500 ml, dettol hand sanitizer 60 ml, dettol hand sanitizer 05 liter jar, emari paper, empty cement bag, empty oil dram 200 ltrs., exhaust fan (havells) medium size, exhaust fan (havells) small size, flute trumped (bansi) for band, flower tub (cement), flower stand with flower ( artificial), first aid kit (oxum spray , bandage 2" , micropore tape 1 " , band aid 5 pc , volini spray 15 gm. ), fevicol/ddl, fire extinguisher bucket, figure 11 target paper .38 revolver, fire extinguisher buc
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.40 Million / 14 Lakh
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 49835665
Closing Date 09 - Jun - 2022  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Blanket for capfs (q3)
Sector Fertilizers and pesticides Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 49776852
Closing Date 07 - Jun - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of eng item ceramic fire Blanket etc
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 49834342
Closing Date 06 - Jun - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of paint items/miscellaneous items/covid items & spare parts of vehicles - paint different colors per ltr (of standard quality ), color shade tubes of 200 gms pack(of standard quality ), varnish per ltr (of standard quality ), tarpin oil per ltr(of standard quality ), steiner per ltr (of standard quality ), chalk mitti per kg (of standard quality ), pop per kg (of standard quality ), ravsena/burnsena/turkey amber per kg superior brand), wall putty per kg (of standard quality ), lime powder per kg (superior brand), painting brush 3” 4” (superior brand), washable distemper per ltr(of standard quality ), wood/water primer per ltr (of standard quality ), cement primer per ltr (of standard quality ), white cement per kg (of standard quality ), red oxide per ltr(of standard quality ), cement paint per ltr (of standard quality ), sand paper different specification per dozen ( superior brand), puttin per kg (superior brand), puttin knife d/s (superior brand), thinner per ltr ( superior brand), sprit per ltr (superior brand), laakdhana red/white per kg ( superior brand), malmal cloth per mtr (superior brand), snowsum per kg (superior brand), sealer per ltr (of standard quality ), leaker per ltr (of standard quality ), water primer per ltr (of standard quality ), pu polish per ltr (of standard quality ), touch wood per ltr (of standard quality ), emulsion per ltr (of standard quality ), excel per ltr (of standard quality ), terricota per ltr (of standard quality ), regmall 60/80 no per mtr (superior brand), paint busgreen per ltr (of standard quality ), decco paint per ltr (of standard quality ), grout d/c per kg (of standard quality ), spray paint d/c per 400ml (superior brand), brush roller, miscellaneous items, cup saucer queen, jug set cello 2ltr, tea set full queen, mug plastic (of standard quality ), bucket plastic(of standard quality )20 ltr, dustbin (of standard quality )i 5 ltr, dustbin (of standard quality ) 10 ltr, dustbin (of standard quality )50 ltr, tray d/s (of standard quality ), tray steel small (of standard quality ), tray steel medium (of standard quality ), tray steel big (of standard quality ), water glass per set borossil (short )(of standard quality ), water glass per set (of standard quality )l ( medium ), water glass per set b(of standard quality ) long), flask d/s (of standard quality )1ltr , flask d/s (of standard quality ) 2ltr, spoons, forks stainless steel superior, thermos kettle d/s milton (steel) ½ ltr, , thermos kettle d/s milton (steel) 1 ltr, dinner set bone china ( 36 pieces), full plate gold line bone china, quarter plate gold line bone china, gas chula / batthi 22”x22”, gas chula/ batthi 18”x22” superior, gas regulator/ pipe isi mark, gas cylinder 14.5 kg empty (of standard quality ), fry pan, pressure cooker 5ltr (of standard quality )non sticky, knife steel small, rice spoon medium steel, soup bowl, bowl bone china 750ml, bowl bone china 1000ml, towel (of standard quality ) small, patilla 8” non sticky, patilla 10” non sticky, patilla 12” non sticky, rice cooker 5ltr, ltr (of standard quality ), rice cooker 7.5 ltr (of standard quality ), press (of standard quality ), iron press for dhobi, cutlery set, donga set for rice 12”,, donga set for rice 15”, donga set for rice 18”, tea sevier (chai channi) superior, tub plastic 50ltr, tub plastic 25 ltr, mug plastic 1 ltr, steel rack big, steel rack small, steel almirah big, steel almirah small, trunk steel 2’x3’x18”, trunk steel 2’x4’x18”, trunk steel 2.5’x4’x2’, kadchee steel big, potable oxygen cylinder 500 ml, turpalin 18’x24’, dunloop matress single 3’x6’x4', dunloop matress double 6’x6’x4', dunloop matress double 6’x6’x8', national flag 4’x6’, quarter guard flag 4’x6’, state/ national flag for table with stand, brasso for quarter guard, pick axe (of standard quality ), showel (of standard quality ), rope nylon thin, ropenylon 8, 10mm, hassan cloth 6’, green net 6’, kerosine oil per ltr, can plastic 10, 20, 40 ltr, can plastic 20,ltr, can plastic 40 ltr, phenyl 1ltr, harpic 1ltr or eqv, lizol 1 ltr or eqv , tissue round, bathroom freshner (of standard quality ), pedigree pro active per kg or eqv, pedigree adult per kg or eqv, phenyl 5ltr, gas per cylinder (filled) , bar soap (of standard quality ), hand wash (combo pack), smyle moisturing soap , fundapet deo 150ml per pack , collar large , leash medium (belt), leash small (belt) , surgical gloves per pack , dispo 500ml , mega vaccine 7 ip, raksha rab vaccine 1 ml, fantas plus 30ml, brush (of standard quality ), soap (of standard quality ), shampoo (of standard quality ), feed (of standard quality ), hetax 10ml (of standard quality ), extic soap 75gram (of standard quality ), extic shampoo 200ml (of standard quality ), carrom board (of standard quality ), chess board(of standard quality ), volleyball net(of standard quality ), foot ball net (of standard quality ), net for volly ball (of standard quality ), volley ball (of standard quality ), foot ball (of sta
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