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Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 60193615
Closing Date 18 - Jul - 2023  |  50 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Beaker 100ml (polycap), Beaker 250ml (polycap), Rubber Cork (extra Soft) Superior Quality, Crucible Tongs 6", Test Tube Holder Superior Quality, Test Tube Brush Superior Quality, Tripod Stand 8* Good Quality 6* H, Wire Gauze with Asbestos Size 6x6 Inch, Spatula S.s., Funnel 3", Sprit Lamp Metal, Shite Board (famous Indian Scientist), Scientist Poteriate (supported with S.s. Steel), Measuring Cylinder 500ml Plastic, Wash Bottle 125ml, Regent Bottle 125ml, Regent Bottle 250ml, Burette Stand with Clamp, Burette 50ml Graduated Bg Glass, Core Borate Set, Pipette Volumetric Bg 20ml, Test Tube Stand Plastic, Pipette Stand Plastic for 12 Pipette, Atomic Model with Ball & Stick, Inducation Plate Cooker (isi, Standard Size 1900wt), Metal Strips (zn, Cu, Fem), Dropper with Rubber Bulb, Chemical Balance, Thermometer (normal), Compound Microscope, Dissecting Microscope, Plane Slide, Cover Slips, Periodic Table Chart Laminated, Watch Glass, Petri Dish, Magnifying Glass, Forceps (stainless Steel), Needles, Surgical Scissor, Bell Jar with Cap (plastic), Blood Testing Kit (standard Quality, Ph Meter with Soil Testing, Painting Brush, Dropping Bottie ( Capacity 60ml with Cap and Nozzle), Amoeba Hydra, Plasmodium (packed in Slides ), Ascaris, Earthworm, Cockroach, Honeybee, Silk Moth, Labeo, Human Skelton Big Size 5ft, First Aid Box, Camal, Road Safety, Vitamin, Tabaco, Hazards, Fibre Chart, Digestic System, Respiratory System, Heart, Blood Circulation, Excretory, Reproductive Sys Male and Female, Brain, Eye, Endocrine System, Mentel Exp., Blood Group, Ancient, Earth, Globe, Volcano, Earthquake Sure Monitor, Galveno Meter Dc with Stand, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Rheostat, Rheostat Wire, Key, Meter Scale (1 Meter Wooden), Meter Bridge (wooden Base Brass Metal Strips Or ), Lachlanche Cell (complete with Plastic Jar , Filled ), Denial Cell ( Copper Container with Empty Porous ), Resistance Box (1 Ohm to 500 Ohm) Brass Plug Type, Resistance Box (1 Ohm to 1000 Ohm ) Brass Plug Type, Battery Eliminator (2v -12v) 3amp Ambala), Optical Bench with Two Pin and 2 Lense Holder, Concave, Lens, Convex Lens.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 60088318
Closing Date 03 - Jul - 2023  |  35 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Laboratory Equipment Ostwald’s viscometer, Stalagnometer, Digital pH meter with PC Interface & Temp ,Electrode, Digital conductivity meter with all accessories, Magnetic stirrer with hot plate, Magnetic stirrer without hot plate, Single Distillation Unit, Digital thermometer, (thermocouple)LCD, Pt1000 thermometer, TLC chamber, Ostwald Calorimeter, Stop watch, Filtering flask fitted with Buchner funnel and vacuum pump, Air blower for drying, Sprayer for chromatography for department of Chemistry.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2 Million / 20 Lakh
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 60231097
Closing Date 19 - Jun - 2023  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Rate Contract For General Items For Vrdl/Rtpcr Lab Abrobent Paper Roll, Paper Sheet, Alumininum Foil, Autoclavable Pp Plastic Racks, Bags, Cetyplyridinium Chloride, Cold Chain Box, Cotton Roll, Diamond Pencil, Di Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Disposable Head Caps, Disposable Lab Gown, Disposable Shoe Cover, Syringe, Dnase Rnase Surface Decontaminant, Dropper Bottle, Droppers, Edta, Ethanol, Filter Paper, Fluorescent Staining Kit, Formaldehyde, Glass Funnel, Gloves, Glycerol, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogenperoxyde, Immersion Oil, Laboratory Fumigant Bacteriocidal Tuberculocidal Virucidal, Labortoary Thermometer, L – Asparagine, Lint Free Soft Tissues, Liquid Dispensing Wash Bottle, Powder Ready Mix, Loop, Loopholder, Loop Holder Rack, Magnesium Sulphate, Malachite, Mask, Mccartney Bottle, Mc Farland Standard Set, Micro Pipette Stand, Micropipetets Tips, Molecular Grade Ethanol, Isopropanol, N-95 Respirators, Na Acetate, N- Acetyl L Cysteine Powder, Napthyl Ethylendiamine, Needle Destroyer, Strips, Nichrome Wire, Nicotinamide, Parafilm, Pcr Tube, Tubes Strips,Phenol, Racks, Storage Box, Pottassium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Potassium Permanganate, Sample Collection Conatiner, Cryovials, Screw Cap, Slide Drying Racks, Snap Cap, Sodium Chloride, Hydroxide, Hypochlorite Solution, Sodium Nitrate, Spray Bottle Spray, Spray Bottles, Sputum Container, Staning Bottle, Rack, Tips, Sulfuric Acid, Sulphanilamide, Test Tube Rack, Tissue Roll, Torniquet, Tri Magneisum Di Citrate, Tube, Universal Bottle, Water Molecular, Xylene, Zinc Powder, Zn Acid Fast Staining Kit, Autoclavable Pp Cryo Boxes, Pp Racks.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2 Million / 20 Lakh
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 60234093
Closing Date 19 - Jun - 2023  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Rate Contract for General Items for VRDL/RTPCR Lab at Medical College and Hospital Jhalawar, Absorbent paper roll', Absorbent paper sheet, Aluminum foil, Autoclavable PP plastic racks for 96 places, Bags, Biohazard, (transparent Autoclavable, Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) for bioch emistry mw 358.01>98%, Cold chain box (12 Lit.), Cotton Roll, Diamond pencil, di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Disposable head caps, Disposable lab gownsPP (large and medium), Disposable Shoe cover, Disposable Syringes 5 ml (22 & 24 gauge), Dnase/Rnase surface decontaminant , Dropper bottle, Droppers, sterile, plastic 1.5 ml, graduated, Droppers, sterile, plastic 3.0 ml, graduated,disposable, EDTA, Ethanol 95% , Filter paper, Fluorescent staining kit for AFB, Formaldehyde, Glass Funnel, Gloves nitrile, size S M L, Gloves, latex size S M L, Glycerol, Hydrochloric acid, fuming (37%), Hydrogenperoxyde 30%, Immersion oil, Laboratory fumigant bacteriocidal tuberculocidal virucidal suitable for PCR lab, Laboratory thermometer, L-Asparagine, lint free soft tissue, Liquid dispensing wash bottle plastic (500ml), LJ medium base powder ready-mix, Loop, disposable 10 µl, Loopholder, Loopholder rack, Magnesium sulphate, Malachite green, Mask (Disposable surgical), Mccartney bottle 15 ml, McCartney bottle 7 ml, Mc Farland standard set, Micro pipette stand pipette stands for 5 pipettes, Micropipette tips nuclease & pyrogen free & aerosol barrier (0.1-20µl) Maximum Recovery/Minimum retention Filtered, Racked, Sterile, Micropipette tips nuclease & pyrogen free & aerosol barrier Maximum Recovery/Minimum retention Filtered, Racked, Sterile (100-1000µl), Micropipette tips nuclease & pyrogen free & aerosol barrier, Maximum Recovery/Minimum retention Filtered, Racked, Sterile( 2-200µl) , Molecular grade ethanol, Molecular grade isopropanol, N95 Respirators (Niosh approved), Na acetate, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NALC) powder, Naphthyl-ethylendiamine, Needle destroyer , Niacin strips, Nichrome wire, Nicotinamide, Parafilm, PCR tubes flat snap cap 0.2 ml , PCR tubes strip with flat cap optical for RT PCR 0.2 ml, Phenol, Plastic Racks (15 ml tubes), Plastic racks for 15 ml conical falcon tubes, Plastic racks for 2 ml MCT, autoclavable,, Plastic racks for 50 ml conical falcon tubes, Plastic storage box for 0.2 ml PCR tubes with lid, Plastic storage box with lid for 2 ml cryovials 10x10, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, Potassium permanganate, Sample collection container sterile , cryovials, Screw cap(hinged) MCT tapered (1.5ml ), Slide drying racks, Snap cap (hinged) MCT tapered (1.5 ml ), Snap cap (hinged)MCT round bottom (2 ml ), Sodium chloride, NaCl, Sodium hydroxide, NaOH, Sodium hypochlorite solution , Sodium nitrate, Spray bottles sprayLDPE 500 ml, Spray bottles plastic PP 250 ml, Sputum container, Staining bottle, Staining rack, Sterile Blue tips bulk (1000µl), Sterile tips bulk (10µl), Sterile Yellow tips bulk (100µl), Sulfuric acid, concentrated, Sulphanilamide, test tube rack PP for VTM tubes, Tissue roll, Torniquet, tri-Magnesium di-citrate, Tube, centrifuge, 15 ml with screw cap, Tube, centrifuge, 50 ml with screw cap, Tubes cryovial, sterile with screwcap, 2 ml, Tubes reaction, 2 ml, Universal bottle for cultures, 28 ml, Water molecular biology grade, Xylene, Zinc powder, ZN Acid fast staining kit, Autoclavable PP cryoboxes suitable for storage at -80 C 10 X10 samples for 2 ml cryovials, Autoclavable PP racks for 1.5 ml MCT 48 samples (24 pieces).
Sector Dairy Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 60256471
Closing Date 14 - Jun - 2023  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply & Installation of Laboratory Equipments & Instruments, Air Sampling System, Anaerobic Jar, B R Meter (make: Atago), Digital Bulk Density Apparatus, Conductivity Meter, Hot Air Oven, Double Distillation Unit, Ir (infra-red) Non- Contact Thermomet, Water Bath - for Mbrt and Laborator, Micrometer, Mini Cream Separator, Moisture Analyser, Muffle Furnace, Rm Value Apparatus, Scorched Particle Analyzer, Sediment Tester, Somatic Cell Counter, Tds Meter, Centrifuge with Variable Speed, Vernier Caliper.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 60323065
Closing Date 14 - Jun - 2023  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of instrument - blood pressure measuring apparatus , reputed /isi/iso, episiotomy scissors, reputed /isi/iso, dressing scissors, baby weighing machine digital, reputed /isi/iso, suture cutting scissors, reputed /isi/iso, digital thermometer, stethoscope, instrument trolley, weighing machine digital adult, torch, patient sitting stool, pulse oximeter, operation theatre light portable, stretcher with trolley.
Qty : 65

Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 60190607
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2023  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Base and Depot spares for HVAC System for P17A (MDL-04 ships and GRSE-03 ships #*. Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø233-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 198x240, ShockMount-L18-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0370-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, ShockMount-L27-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-550-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø322-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 267x318-, ShockMount-L45-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0075-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø600-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0220-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø800-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0550-SMK-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø736-HVAC-P17A, ShockMount-L70-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1100-SMK-DE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0075-SMK-DE-NDEV-, ShockMount-L115-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1100-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1500-SMK-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø660-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0370-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing 0550-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0075-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1500-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø430-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0055-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø286-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 236x282-, ShockMount - L10-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0150-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0110-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø240-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 204x235-, Motor bearing CF-0018-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø140-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 127x148-, Motor bearing CF-0075-2S-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø342-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 282x333-, Motor bearing CF-0220-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø220-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 181x220-, Motor bearing CF-0075-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0110-2S-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 129x150-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø200-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 168x200-, Motor bearing CF-0055-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø133-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 112x130-, Motor bearing CF-0037-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø100-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø150-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø200-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø250-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø300-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit- Ø350-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø400-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø550-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit -Ø100-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-05 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat Limit Switch Harness FSD-1001-05, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø150-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-10 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP Limit Switch HarnessFSD1001-10, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø200-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø250-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-20 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSwitch HarnessFSD1001-20, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø300-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø350-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-40 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSwitch HarnessFSD-1001-40, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø400-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø450-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-60 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSwitch HarnessFSD-1001-60, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø500-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-SD-3001-08-WG-40-HVAC-P17A, Actuator SP - Limit Switch Harness, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø600-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø700-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-SD-3000-10-WG-60 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP Limit Sw HarnessSD-3000-10WG60, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø800-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-SD-3000-20-WG-60 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSw HarnessSD3000-20WG60, Dust filter G4 - 200x200-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 300x250-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 300x300-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 400x400-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 500x500-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 600x600-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 650x650-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 700x700-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 800x800-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 900x900-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 1000x1000-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 1300x1000-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 350x350-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 400x400-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 500x400-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 500x500-HVAC-P17A, Hepa Filter PART 3-HVAC-P17A, Hepa Filter PART 2-HVAC-P17A, Hepa Filter PART 1-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 200X200-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 250X200-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 300X200-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 350X250-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper ACTUATOR-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 400X300-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 400X350-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 600X250-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 600X350-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 750X500-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 1000X500-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 1000X600-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper ACTUATOR-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 150X100-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 150X150-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 150X350-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 200X150-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 200X200-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 250X200-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 300X250-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 350X250-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 500X250-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 600X350-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper ACTUATOR-HVAC-P17A, ELECTRICAL FUSE LINK-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-100
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 60196092
Closing Date 12 - Jun - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of equipments, instruments and medical miscellaneous items, disp.needle, paraffin gauze 10 cm x 10 cm, mucus extractor, clinical digital thermometer, digital stop watch, baby weghing scale with sling, pseudophakia glass, power glass for school children, dark glass, press bio pic glass, waste bin--(foot operated)-20ltrs-red,blue,black,yellow, bio degradable polythene bag for waste management- black, 15 ltr, bio-hazard polythene 1.5 ltr (red,yellow,black), puncture proof white container-5ltr, gum boot-puncture proof, puncture proof gloves, digital blood pressure device with adult cuff, aneroid blood pressure device with adult cuff, pediatric blood pressure cuffs (compatible with quoted digital blood pressure device), nibp cuff, insulin pen rapid acting, insulin pen regular (short acting), insulin pen intermediate acting, insulin pen long acting, sharp container 1.5 liter, sharp container 5, needle cutter, l-shape scrub brush, utility gloves house hold, utility gloves (autoclavable), formalin chamber 24 inch,3 try system.
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 60201677
Closing Date 12 - Jun - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
E-Tender Cum Physical Auction of Scrap Tools & Equipment, Furniture, General Shop Outfits, Machineries, Chair Moulded with Book Rack, Steel Chair with Arm S Type, Table Office Steel (officers), Metal Shalving Cabinet, Metal Shalving Rack, Metal Chair with Arm Steel, Arm Shaper Fiber, Exhaust Fan 450 Mm, Power Supply 0 to 30 v 500 Amp, Safety Shoes Leather Top & Sole Air, Hook Type Level Indicator, Gas Welding Trolly for Two Oxy-Ace Cylinder with Chain Lock and Tool Box, Dial Stop Watch, Quantity Flow Meter Simple Tank Inlet/outlet, Gedee Weider Lathe M/c Lz 300 S, Static Pressure Air Plug with Level Indicator, Reciprocating Pison Type Flow Meter, Computer Chair with Gas Lift P.V.Mold Cushion in Seat and Back, Rtd Sensor, Power Invertor 500 Va 12 Volt, Pneumetic Close Loop, Hydrolic Close Loop, Electrical Close Loop, Bench Dual Desk-3, Exhaust Fan, Classroom Bench, Computer Table, Chair with Self Arm Rest, Vaccum Cleaner Trainer, Portable Malty Speaker with Coadless Button Microphone, Computer Chair, Wall Clock, Computer Table(8'x2'x1.5'), Vaccum Cleaner Trainer, Flex Board 8*4 Frame, Computer Table, Crimping Tool, Multi Media Speaker with Woofer, Revolving Steel Chair with Fix Back Support, Ceiling Fan, Steel Chair, Trainee's Chair with Writing Panel, Binding Machine, Computer Table 4*2*2.5, Steel Cupboard, Computer Table 8*2*2.5, Wall Clock, Black Board, Battry for Ups, Portable Hand Blower, Fire Stand, Crimping Tool for Telephone and Lan, Fire Bucket, Computer Table, Steel Almirah, Thermometer 0-250, Fire Extigusher, G - Clamp 4 Inch, Fire Bucket Stand, Rule Four Fold Wooden-24 Inch, Trough Compass, Draughting M/c Horizontal, Lorry Printing Set, Safety Leather Apron, Optical Square, Safety Chart Tools, Lerroy Printing Set, Ceiling Fan, Steel Chair, Liorry Printing Set, Light Tracing Board, Printing Frame 45 X60, Drawing Board Imperial Size, Fire Bucket, Printing Frame 80 X 60, Spade, Tuf Compass, Oil Stone, Nose Plier, Round Optical Square, Lerroy Printing Set, H.D. Tower 1.52x1.52x4.2 Mt, Right Angle, Bloster, Manila Rope, Steel Tape, Protectore Semi Circle 6", Scissor 12", Pinking Scissors, Pinking Scissor, Electric Steam Iron, Calculator, Scissors 10", Hanger, Pinking Scissors, Milton Cloth, Electric Steam Iron, Hanger, Computer Chair Instructor, Tenon Saw 250 Mm 10 Inch Size, Instructor Chair Cantilever Type, Side Cutting Plier 150 Mm, Mili Ammeter 0-500m A, Screw Driver 100 Mm, Plier Insulated 150 Mm, File Half Round Smooth 200 Mm, Immersion Heater 750 Watt, Firmer Chisel 12 Mm, Screw Driver Connector 100 Mm, Ameter D.C 0-1 A, Spring Balance, Wooden Foot Rule Four Fold, Gimlet 6 Mm, C-Clamp 100 Mm, Safety Shoes, Multimeter Analog, Gas Plier 150 Mm, D.C Voltmeter 0-15 V, Cotton Hand Gloves, Rule Wooden Four Fold 24", Hydrometer, Pincer 100 Mm, Desoldering Pump, Safety Goggles, Multimeter Digital, Variable Rheostate 190 Ohms, 3.3 A, Multimeter Analog, Tester Neon, Safety Chart, Steel Locker, Variable Rheostate, 50 Ohms,4.1 A, Plier Combination 150 Mm, Safety Dust Mask Is 9473, Rule Wooden 4 Fold 600 Mm, Immersion Heater 2000 W, Side Cutting Plier 150 Mm, Table 8'x 4'x 2.5', Safety Suit, Four Way Bell Indicator, Tanon Saw 250 Mm, Oil Can 0.12 Ltr,1/2 Pin, Fan Ac 230 Volt 1200 Mm Swipe, Safety Ear Plug, Steel Locker, Multimeter Digital, Plier Combination 150 Mm, Side Cutting Plier 150 Mm, Soldering Iron 125 W, Side Cutting Plier, Steel Cloth Locker, Round Nose Plier, Scissor 150 Mm, Steel Cupboard 1980 X910 X480 Mm, Continuity Tester, Trainee Locker 18 Lockers, Auto Synchronous Motor, De Soldering Pump, Straight Edge 300 Mm, Thermo Couple Meter 500 Ma, International Signal Generator, Pa Wall Speaker Ws -66 It, International Signal Generator, Mp Trainer & Smps, Constant Voltage Transformer, Signal Injector, Colour Patern Generator, Signal Injector, Insulation Tester, Rf Signal Generator, Thermo Couple Meter100 Ma, Signal Tarcer, Insulation Tester, Alignment Scope, Pa Microphone, Head Phone, Logic Probe, Dc/ac Voltmeter 0-5 Volt, Battery Charger, Dc-Ac Voltmeter 0-5 Volt, Elecric Bell, Pa Microphone, Audio Frequency Oscillator, Am Fm Signal Generator, Portable Hand Drill Machine, B/w Tv Pattern Generator, Telephone Push Button, Pa Microphone, Portable Hand Drill Machine, Soldering Iron 25 Watt, Pattern Generator Black and White, Pattern Generator Colour, Pattern Generator Colour, Frequency Counter(digital), Coil Winding Machine, Potentiometer, Pa Reflex Horns, Output Meter, Insulated Tester, Electric Bell, Transformer Constant Voltage, 4-Channel Dvr, Rubber Gloves Pair, Rehostate 350 Ohms /1.5 A, Oscilloscope 60 Mhz, Indoor Ir Camera, Rubber Gloves, Voltage Stebilizer, Outdoor Ir Camera, Analog Multimeter, 3 Band Radio Recever, Noise Level Meter, Steel Cloth Locker, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 1 Kv, Output Meter, Frequency Counter, Stool Wooden, Fire Bucket9 Inch Height, Iso 14001:2004 Objective Board, Pattern Generator Color, Iso 14001:2004 Quality Policy, Steel Locker 18', Bench Cum Desk Dual Desk Size,
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 60208566
Closing Date 12 - Jun - 2023  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Vetrinary Medicine, In Amicin 500 mg per 02 ml Cartridge, 2 Inj Revici 05 ml Cartridge, 3 Inj Taxim 250 mg Bottle pack, 4 Inj IntacefTazo 562 mg Bottle pack, 5 Inj Monocef 500 mg Bottle pack, 6 Inj Lasix 04 ml Cartridge, 7 Inj Belamyl 30 ml Bottle, 8 Inj Melonex plus 30 ml bottle, 9 Inj Merideca 30 ml bottle, 10 Inj Hightec 30 ml bottle, 11 Inj Rentac 02 ml Cartridge, 12 Inj OTC 30 ml bottle, 13 Inj Nurokind plus 02 ml bottle, 14 Inj Vetalgin 33 ml bottle, 15 Inj Avilin 33 ml bottle, 16 Inj Gentamycin 20 ml Bottle, 17 Inj Cefpet XL 200 mg Ea, 18 Inj Prednisolone 10 ml bottle, 19 Inj Doxycycline 5 ml bottle, 20 Inj Perinorm 2 ml Cartridge, 21 Inj Tribivet 20 ml bottle, 22 Inj Berenil 20 ml bottle, 23 Inj ARV (Vaccine) Cartridge, 24 Inj DHPPi-L (Vaccine) Cartridge, 25 Inj Tonophasphane Bottle, 26 Inj Kennel cough (Vaccine) Cartridge, 27 Inj AD3 K 10 ml vial Bottle, 28 Inj Melonex 30 ml Bottle, 29 Tab Perinoram 100 mg Strip, 30 Tab Supradyn 100 mg Strip, 31 Tab Meyroniddazole 200 mg Strip, 32 Tab Cystone Pack of 100 pack, 33 Tab Pantop 100 mg Strip, 34 Tab Doxycycline 200 mg Strip, 35 Tab Consequin 200 mg Strip, 36 Tab Aciloc 200 mg Strip, 37 Tab Calcium pack Strip, 38 Tab Monocef 200 mg Strip, 39 Tab Plozin deworming Strip, 40 Tab Nexguard, Tab Bravecto Ea, 42 Tab Norflox TZ Strip, 43 Tab Drontal Plus Strip, 44 Tab Canitone Strip, 45 Betadin cream 200 gms Ea, 46 Betadin Liquid 01 ltr Ea, 47 Dispo van 2 ML Pack, 48 Dispo van 5 ML Pack, 49. SculpVen set 22” Ea, 50. NS 500 ml Ea, 51. DNS 500 ml Ea, 52. RL 500 ml Ea, 53. ORS 21 gms Ea, 54. Shampoo Dry bath 200 ml Ea, 55. Shampoo Ketochlor 200 ml Ea, 56. Shampoo Derma Care Tick & flee 200 ml Ea, 57. Pwd Clocip 100 gms Ea, 58. Pwd Negasunt 20 gms Ea, 59. Pwd Intasporin 10 gms Ea, 60. Pwd Ipakitine 10 gms Ea, 61. Pwd ProtineX Ea, 62. Pwd E-motion 6 gms Ea, 63. E/D Gentakem D 10 ml Ea, 64. E/D Pomisol 15 ml Ea, 65. E/D Ciplox D 10 ml Ea, 66. Cream Kiskin Ea, 67. Cream Curabless 15 gms Ea, 68. Cream Himax 50 gms Ea, 69. OintDermaking 15 gms Ea, 70. Lotion kiskin 100 ml Ea, 71. Bandage 2” pack of 06 Pack, 72. Epiotic cleanser 100 ml Bottle, 73. Butox 01 ltr Bottle, 74. Ridd 60 ml Bottle, 75. Pedigree Diet 10 kg pack Pack, 76. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 50 ml Bottle, 77. Spirit Bottle, 78. Surgical mask pack of 100 Pack, 79. Cotton Pack 500 gm Pack, 80. Gloves pack of 100 Pack, 81. Spray Topicure 250 ml Bottle, 82 Spray Tekfa Bottle, 83 Potasium Permegnate Ea, 84 Thermometer Digital Ea, 85 Thermometer Rectal Ea, 86 Tick collar Ea, 87 Syp Sucralfet Bottle, 88 Syrup Neeri 200 ml Bottle, 89 Liq Griptol Bottle, 90 Syrup Liv 52 Bottle, 91 Syrup Cremaffin 225 ml Bottle, 92 Syp Pet up Bottle, 93 Syp eRbc Bottle, 94 Syp Furglow Bottle, 95 Syp Multistar pet Bottle, 96 EP Powder Bottle, 97 Kennel wasfarh lozalo Bottle, 98 Dog calcium bones Pack, 99 Hand sanitizer Bottle, 100 Hand Wash Ea, 101 Dettol antiseptic liquid (1 Ltr) Ea
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