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Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 35543451
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2024  |  1016 Days to go View Tender Details
Registration of vendors for constructs, works and services for integrated facility management, management of holiday homes & transit flat, canteen services, vehicle hiring services, housekeeping services, pest control services, photocopy services, courier services, architectural consultancy services, electrical consultancy service , hvac consultancy services, structural consultancy services, civil & structural works, water proofing work, painting works, lt electrical works / ht electrical works, electrical work, interor / carpentry work, soft furnishing works (curtains, linen, upholstery, blinds, etc). plumbing and sanitation works, fire protection system works, access control system / cctv system / building management solutions. hvac works, telephoen / epabx works, event management services, hiring of audio visual equipment / sound system for meeting / events, printing works of banner / backdrop / standees / siganages / boards etc, epabc and telephone systems, fire safety audits, electrical safety and energy conservation audits, repair and maintenance of air conditioning units, providing manpower services, photography and videography services. #*. Supply of printed stationery, table stationery, photo copy paper, printer cartridges, packed water, packed lunch, utensils, crockery, coookware, serveware, uniform, housekeeping & disposable material, toiletries, electronic items (refrigerator, tv, home appliances, etc), it equipments 9printer, projector, etc), branded furniture, electrical materials for facility maintenance, civil / pluming materials for facility maintenance, carpentry material, soft furnishings incl line towels, medicines and medical equipments, gardening material.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 42224639
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2022  |  188 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract computer, Xerox machine, printer, water purifier & water cooler, UPS, pressure vessel testing, GPS system, CCTV system, chiller plant, diesel lifter, heat pump, air handling unit, cooling tower, auto tube brushing system.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 41558071
Closing Date 20 - Nov - 2021  |  57 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of items - core i3 computer system, hp laser-jet 1020+printer on the specified terms and conditions.(last date 20/11/02020 by 3pm).
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 45649714
Closing Date 06 - Nov - 2021  |  43 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of multifunction machines mfm
Sector Forest Departments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 45536893
Closing Date 01 - Nov - 2021  |  38 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply and installation of it & electronic goods, workstation, portable speaker with mic, projector, plotter, video conferencing setup, smart panel.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 45339578
Closing Date 31 - Oct - 2021  |  37 Days to go View Tender Details
Empanelment of vendor for it products & services, hardware, ups, desktop, laptop / tablets, Printers, servers, storage, projector & related consumables (lamp, etc.), voice call logger, batteries & accessories, backup media, accessories, peripherals & consumables for it hardware items, any component(s) for server, desktop and laptop (memory, cpu, ethernet card, etc.), scanners(flatbed, adf, book scanners and others) with necessary consumables and parts, software, os licenses / subscription, application software (corel, microsoft, adobe, ibm notes, microfocus, antivirus, dlp, endpoint security, etc.), database licenses, backup software licenses, enterprise content management, replication software, rto/rpo monitoring tools, system monitoring tools, networking, router, switches, firewall, passive components (cables, patch cords, jack panels, etc.), wireless equipment, it services, annual maintenance contract for ups, annual maintenance contract for servers, storage, tape libraries and accessories, annual maintenance contract for desktops and laptops, annual maintenance contract for Printers, scanners, annual maintenance contract for voice call logger, annual maintenance contract for projectors, annual maintenance contract for networking equipment (routers, switches, anti-spam equipment, etc.), annual maintenance contract for firewall & intrusion prevention systems (proventia, checkpoint, etc.), annual maintenance contract for training setup & auditorium equipment, annual maintenance contract for epabx, annual maintenance contract for video conferencing setup, iso audit services, isms advisory & infosec audit services, cmmi, prism certification audits and consultation services, ciso services, application, va-pt and system audit services, network audit services, domain registration services, ats for mq series software, ats for firewall, ips and iron port software, ats for websense software, ats for starteam, ats for os, storage, backup and database licenses, software development services, resource contracting, secure socket layer (ssl) certificate obtaining/renewal services, onsite & on-call it support / skill services, it equipment packing, loading, transporting, unpacking, etc. services, rented printer services, tally software and implementation services, rpa, blockchain, artificial intelligence.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 45571369
Closing Date 27 - Oct - 2021  |  33 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of desktop computers , multifunction machines mfm , computer Printers , scanners , security and protective software including antivirus , laptop-notebook
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value Rs. 6 Million / 60 Lakh
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 45568444
Closing Date 25 - Oct - 2021  |  31 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of of stationery items - descktop computer core i5 10th gen or better 8 gb ram 1 tb hdd or 512 gb ssd 19 " led monitor windows 10 preloded key board mouse , descktop computer core i7 10th gen or better 8 gb ram 1 tb hdd or 512 gb ssd 19 " led monitor windows 10 preloded key board mouse , laptop core i5 10th gen or better 8 gb ram 1 tb hdd or 512 gb ssd 14 " led screen windows 10 preloded bag pack , laptop core i7 10th gen or better 8 gb ram 1 tb hdd or 512 gb ssd 14 " led screen windows 10 preloded bag pack , workstation core i7 10th gen or better 16 gb ram 1 tb hdd or 512 gb ssd 24 " led screen windows 10 preloded , led monitor any brand (size 19.5"), led monitor any brand (size 21.5"), led monitor any brand (size 24"), led monitor any brand (size 27"), led tv any brand (size 40"), led tv any brand (size 50"), led tv any brand (size 65"), laptop hdd (1 tb), laptop hdd (2 tb), desktop computer hdd (1 tb), desktop computer hdd (2 tb), desktop computer hdd (4 tb), desktop computer hdd (8 tb), desktop motherboard , desktop ram ddr iii (8 gb), desktop ram ddr 4 (16 gb), laptop ram ddriii (8 gb), laptop ram ddr 4 (16 gb), pen drive c-type (64 gb), usb mouse , wireless mouse , laptop battery, laptop charger , usb keyboard , wireless keyboard , dvd rw usb, usb head phone , bluthooth head phone , multimedia speaker , processor (corei5-latest), vga cable , hdmi cable heavy with booster , lan cable per box, managable switch (24 port), modem router , wifi router (gigabyte), external hdd (4 tb), ssd 512 gb nvme, ssd 512 gb m.2, multimedia card reader , all in one printer color heavy with duplex , laser printer mono, scanner flat bad heavy a3 zise , scanner flat bad heavy a4 2500f1 , all in one printer with wifi network , all in one printer heavy with duplex , usb hub, patch pard , climping tool , hp toner cartridge (q2612a), hp toner cartridge (cc388), hp toner cartridge (ce278af), hp toner cartridge (cf218a), hp toner cartridge (cf28a), hp toner cartridge (110a), hp toner cartridge (130a), hp color toner cartridge 178 printer (c,m,y), hp color toner cartridge 180 printer (c,m,y), hp color toner cartridge 181 printer (c,m,y), hp color toner cartridge 436 printer (c,m,y), hp color toner cartridge 5225 printer (c,m,y), hp color toner cartridge 550 printer (c,m,y), hp color toner cartridge 202 printer (c,m,y), canon toner cartridge (canon 328), canon toner cartridge (canon337), canon toner cartridge (canon 303), canon toner cartridge (canon fx-9), canon toner cartridge (npg 28), canon toner cartridge (npg 51), canon toner cartridge (npg 59), samsung color toner cartridge 680, samsung color toner cartridge 775nd, canon color toner cartridge 413, hp ink toner cartridge 51 53 52, canon ink toner cartridge 646, epsone lq3500 , web 2090 cartridge , tablate , laptop bag heavy quality , cmos battery , u p s 1 kva, scanner flat bad, mouse pad, disinfection system 30 liter, aux cable, blower, cpu fan , extension board, wireless charger, smps 800 watt, web cam heavy quality , paper shedder machine 30 liter, otg adapter, otg adapter, telephone.
Sector Administrative Offices Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 45601833
Closing Date 25 - Oct - 2021  |  31 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stationary and miscellaneous articles for use in janata bhawan for the year 2021-22 and 2022-23 #*. azurlaid paper (14.10 kg) (best quality) (95 gsm), alpin (100 pin) king, signature pad (10 pages) (white), carbon paper (big) (420x330mm) (blue), carbon paper (small) (best quality)(blue), copy printer paper 70gsm, my choice, jk copier, photostat paper fs 75 gsm jk, photostat paper a-4. 75 gsm jk, service envelope (28x12 cm) plain, envelope (28 x 12c.m.) plain, cover file, punching machine, (two hole), punching flat file(medium size), a-4 size envelope (colour), a-4 size envelope (laminated), correcting fluid (white), stamp pad (best quality), stamp pad ink, desk knife (best quality), steno book(200 pages), steno hand pencil (natraj hb), officer dot pen (blue) best qlty, officer dot pen (red) best qlty., tag cotton 10" ( best quality), gum liquid 700 ml., pos roll, thread ball, scissor (6” x 3 ½”), gems clip (plastic), paper weight (glass decorated), pin cushion (magnetic), sutli (loose), sutli (ball), candle (wax) (100 x 6), paka binding register -best qlty. no. 8 (200 pages), paka binding register-best qlty. no-12, (300 pages), paka binding register-best qlty. no-16, (400 pages), plastic scale (12”), staple machine 24/6, staple machine no. -10, staple machine pin 24/6, staple machine pin no-10, guard file (100 pages), file size envelope, d.o. envelop (15 "x 11"), d.o. envelop (28" x 12"), scaling wax, white tap, wooden roller (18"), punching machine(one hole), poker (plastic handle), fax thermal paper roll 30 mtr., file board (14x9) best quality, chitra nela (500 ml), tissue papers, a4 size white envelope, glass flower vessel, iron chain (72 cm – l), category b, auto clip file (best quality), pilot pen (luxer), highlighter pen, ball point pen (max writer), ball point pen refill (blue) (max writer), collin (500 ml), torch light 2 cell (eveready), torch light battery (eveready), table pad glass 6mm best quality (2 x 1.6 sq. ft.), toilet soap (100 gm) lux/dettol, liquid hand wash (dettol/lifebuoy), bar soap (vim bar), mosquito repellent oil (5 it. tin.) finit oil, flit gun (plastic cover), naphthalene ball per kg., harpic/ sanifresh (700 ml), odonil (50gm), one side transparent plastic folder (fs size), brasso (100 ml), anti septic liquid (dettol/ sevlon) (100 ml), pencil battery (eveready), mosquito spray (hit/mortein)(200 ml), fevicol liquid (20 ml), cello tap (1"-white), water filter, bajaj/milton, water filter candle (puro/milton), wall clock (big & round), acid,700 ml. ( for toilet use), spoon vip, best quality, pen drive (8 gb), grass broom (big size), coconut broom(big size), bamboo broom (big size), ceiling broom, drinking glass(plain), drinking glass(vip) borosil, writing pad (80 pages), glue stick, tea set (bone china) jcpl best quality, tea pot flax (1ltr.) (milton), thermo flask (1 ltr.) (miton), towel big (30"/60") (best quality), coconut broom(with handle), bamboo broom(with handle), towel small (16 x 24") (best quality), lock & key 40 mm. (5 liver) (godrej), lock & key 50 mm (6 liver) (godrej), lock & key 60 mm(7 liver)(godrej), lock & key 25 mm (godrej), chair cushion (16x 16x3)" kurlon, waste paper bucket (big), quarter plate, bone china, room freshener spray(270 ml) (godrej), door mat f.f. quality size(18"x33") kurlon, door mat f.f. quality size(3"x1.6a.) kurlon, mosquito repellent machine, mosquito repellent liquid (all out/good night) (45 ml), table top plastic (16" x 22") with brass fitting, plastic file tray (standard), liquid phenyl (scented), bleaching powder (500 grams), table brass, markin cloth (per mtr)., green cloth (per mtr.), plastic bucket (15 itr.), flower vase (brass) (9 inch), drinking glass coaster, floor cleaner wiper, toilet brush (plastic), tea tray (big), plastic mug, computer cartridge (940xl), computer ink cartridge 678, computer ink cartridge 802, computer ink cartridge 745-s (canon), computer ink cartridge 746-s (canon), laser jet toner 88a, laser jet toner 78a, laser jet toner 12a, laser jet toner 55a, laser jet toner 18a, laser jet toner 36a, laser jet toner 49a, laser jet toner 77a, laser jet toner 79a, canon toner 045- black, cyan, magenta, yellow, canon toner 925, hp toner 46 black, hp toner 46 tri colour, epson toner wf c 5790- black, cyan, magenta, yellow, cup & saucer (best quality) bone china, c.d. rewritable for computer dvd, removable page marker (sticker), pen stand(4 pen) (cpi) (good quality), flower vase (bone china) 9inch, calculator (12 digit), marker pen, plastic dust spade(big), clip board (fs size), spin mop with big wheels, calling bell ding dong (anchor/gm), calling bell bul bul (anchor/gm), remote control cordless calling bell havells, remote control cordless calling bell gm, remote control cordless calling bell crompton, electric kettle (bajaj/ philips) 1000 wt, electric kettle (bajaj/ philips) 1500 wt, single room heater (bajaj)
Sector Water Storage and Supply Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 45656217
Closing Date 25 - Oct - 2021  |  31 Days to go View Tender Details
Expression of interest for empanelment of manufactures of various items to ne included as recommeded makes of different items multi village scheme (mvs) / single scheme (svs), vt and centrifugal pumps, electric motors, power transformers, di pipes, hdpe pipes and specials, sluice valves, scour valces, butterfly valve, non return valves, kinetic air valve, valve actuators, hydraulically operated flow cum pressure control valves, flow control valve remote operation type, zero velocity valve, single faced sluice gates, water hammer control devices, electro magnetic flow meters, woltman type bulk water meters, wtp equipement, single faced sluice gate / wtp equipments, chlorination equipment, di / ci fitting and specials, dismantling joints, expansion joints, hdpe fittings, float valves to control the overflow from esrs/gsrs, di double flanged pipe, steel for reinforcement, programmable logic controllers, moulded case circuit breaker, relay and contactors, cable, panel enclosures and consoles, switch fuse disconnector, multi function energy meters, capacitor bank, cable termination kit, battery, battery charger, ultrasonic type level measurements device, pressure switch, pressure gauge, flow switch, pressure transmitter, engineering cum operator work, ocal supervisory station, hmi software, alrm annunciator, uninterruptible power supply, lightening protection unit, intruments and control cables,receiver indicator / digital panel meter, conductivity level switch, scada system, computer, laptop, printer, multifunction power monitor, temperature scanner, analog signal multiplierm air conditioning, furniture, submersible pump set, pvc o pipe, pe water storage tank, flat pvc and armoured cable, g.i pipe, online water disinfection equipments.
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